Adeneo Wins Third eMVP Award for Windows CE Expertise

MICROSOFT MVP (Most Valuable Professionals) are recognized people, specialized in windows embedded products, who are actively involved in on line and off line communities to provide their competences to other MICROSOFT users. By this way, MICROSOFT keeps up-to-date with users’ wishes.

The MVP program is the official recognition by MICROSOFT of these people’s competences. It is encouraging the international community creation, in which MICROSOFT and users could built team spirit and develop their know-how and knowledge.

The eMVP program, which has been created for 10 years, is reassembling about 100 MVPs dedicated to the Windows embedded activities, all over the world. In France, there are today 4 eMVPs, 3 of whom are working for ADENEO!

Since the first ADENEO’s eMVP award has been delivered in January 2004 to Yannick Chamming’s, who is the Windows Embedded team leader of ADENEO, the French gold level systems integrator has confirmed, day by day, its position of one of the most important MICROSOFT’s partners in this technology.

Today, ADENEO announces its 3rd eMVP award, delivered to Nicolas Besson, one of the Windows CE team! By this way, ADENEO becomes the only worldwide company with 3 eMVPs in its staff! With two eMVPs recognitions only between April 2006 and October 2006, ADENEO confirms its leadership on this technology!

With 10 years of embedded computing, and 7 years in Windows CE development, Yannick Chamming’s and his team have a strong focus on Windows CE drivers and BSP development, but also on Windows CE / Windows Mobile applicative developments.

Nicolas BESSON, the last eMVP awarded in ADENEO, is telling us how important this graduation is for his career and ADENEO’s customers:

“I’m deep involved in BSP development, and software designs, but I’m also delivering trainings to French universities and Adeneo’s customers, that’s why I became an eMVP. An eMVP must have a good knowledge of the Windows CE Operating System architecture, and hardware interactions, to be able to help customers in their choices and to make the right decision for designing drivers or softwares. Projects with high technical level help me for developing such know how.

This knowledge have to be shared with others by posting responses on the Windows eMbedded community newsgroups.”

ADENEO is a leading design centre in complete hardware and software custom design. ADENEO offers services in hardware and software engineering especially in industrial environments, with a strong emphasis on embedded and/or real-time developments. With 7 years of experience in Windows CE, and thanks to its gold level partnerships with MICROSOFT and many Silicon Vendors, ADENEO is the key partner for complete hardware and software designs targeting rich-featured high end products. More information: ADENEO’s Windows CE and BSP activities.