RIOLAB Offers RapidIO Device Interoperability Level-3 (DIL-3) Testing

RIOLAB(TM) Corporation, the world’s first RapidIO Interoperability testing facility, now offers Device Interoperability Level 3 (DIL-3) testing, rounding out its suite of tests designed to demonstrate full device interoperability for RapidIO(R)-based devices. DIL-3 is the final level of interoperability testing, and tests interoperability between specific endpoints and may include a basic level of protocol violation testing.

Successful completion of DIL-3 means that, OEMs can be assured that any two devices that meet DIL-3 will interoperate, in their systems. Industry standard DIL testing provides OEMs with independent verification that fully tested RapidIO devices work together as they design next-generation RapidIO-based systems.

RIOLAB is a state-of-the-art RapidIO Interoperability testing facility providing the RapidIO ecosystem with device interoperability and specification compliance testing. “OEMs around the world are increasingly relying on the broad base of RapidIO products as they create next generation storage, wireless communications, military, industrial, triple play and other embedded systems,” said Tom Cox, Executive Director of the RapidIO Trade Association. “With the breadth of testing offered by interoperability including DIL-3, OEMs can have confidence as they ready their designs for production that successfully tested RapidIO devices will interoperate.”

Since commencing full operations in July 2006, RIOLAB has experienced a high level of interest from members of the RapidIO ecosystem seeking to test their products and provide their OEM customers with independent verification of interoperability. With the availability of DIL-3 tests, RIOLAB achieved a major milestone in its roadmap.

RIOLAB and DIL Testing
RIOLAB is designed around graduated levels of interoperability that align with both the RapidIO specification and the needs of silicon vendors and OEMs. The interoperability tests build on the RapidIO Trade Association’s Device Interoperability and Certification Checklists, which were developed for ecosystem members.

Details on DIL-3 testing, including test level definitions, descriptions, procedures, setup, scripts, example scripts, and report templates are available online. Vendors interested in RapidIO interoperability testing and booking a test reservation can contact RIOLAB by calling +1-613-591-0446, or sending an email to

About RIOLAB Corporation
RIOLAB is a state-of-the-art RapidIO interoperability testing facility that provides device interoperability and specification compliance reports that meet the growing needs of silicon vendors and OEMs designing with RapidIO technology.

About The RapidIO Trade Association
The RapidIO Trade Association and its global members drive the RapidIO interconnect architecture. This ISO-certified, open-standard seamlessly enables the chip-to-chip, board-to-board, control, backplane and data plane interconnections needed in high-performance networking, communications and embedded systems. The growth of the RapidIO ecosystem in 2005 seeded deployment of RapidIO technology in next generation wireless infrastructure, edge networking and military systems. Over 2006, the deployment of RapidIO will be furthered through RapidIO Trade Association initiatives including interoperability, interworking, the next Generation PHY Release, and system-level application demonstrations.

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