Nucleus Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol Targets Embedded Developers

Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ:MENT) today announced availability of the Nucleus(R) Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) software. The royalty-free software rounds out Mentor’s virtual private network (VPN) solution which allows software developers to create a secure network connection over the Internet, permitting the exchange of sensitive data such as financial transaction information.

The Nucleus PPTP software, combined with the Nucleus NET networking stack, the Nucleus implementation of the Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption (MPPE) protocol, and the Nucleus PPP software, provides embedded developers with a complete secure VPN solution. Application programming interfaces (APIs) are supplied for creating VPN-capable devices. These devices use the Internet (which compromises sensitive data due to its openness), to securely exchange data over an encrypted connection that terminates at a VPN-enabled server on a private network (such as a corporate or banking network). For example, credit card purchases can be made via mobile device without compromising bank or credit card account numbers.

“With each passing day, intelligent embedded devices are becoming more intertwined into our daily lives. As a result, these devices are increasingly being used to store and transmit sensitive data,” said Glen Johnson, product marketing manager, Embedded Systems Division, Mentor Graphics. “As the number of such devices grows, so does our vulnerability. Securing these devices is a big issue for our customers, and this product will go a long way to solving this problem.”

The Nucleus PPTP software is highly configurable allowing customization for different needs. PPTP Network Server (PNS) and PPTP Access Concentrator (PAC) are supported in this single software package. The Nucleus PPTP software is fully conformant with RFC 2637, ensuring interoperability with other implementations. Using the Nucleus PPTP software’s MPPE security component, developers can secure the PPTP VPN connections with 128-, 56- and 40-bit encryptions. To help achieve the highest level of conformance and interoperability, the Nucleus PPTP software has been tested against Ixia’s Automate Network Validation Library (ANVL), as well as against Red Hat Linux, Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server.

Pricing and Availability
Licenses for the Nucleus PPTP software are U.S. $4,995. For more information, please contact Mentor Graphics embedded systems division at 800-468-6853 or

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