HitachiSoft Introduces Johmon J300 Finger Vein Authentication System

HitachiSoft will launch the new Johmon J300, a more compact and lower-priced model of its finger vein authentication device that uses vein patterns in the finger to identify users, from November 30. At the same time, the Company will launch AUthentiGate 02-00, a new functionally improved version of the authentication monitoring system that allows vein patterns in the finger to be monitored through an integrated network of servers.

The two products have been developed jointly by HitachiSoft and Hitachi Ltd., and will be sold by Hitachi Ltd. as ‘Hitachi Finger Vein Authentication Device’ and ‘Finger Vein Authentication Monitoring System’ respectively.

The drive in recent years for companies to establish internal controls and measures to guard against the leakage of confidential information has led to strong emphasis on user identification in order to prevent fraudulent access to internal business systems through user impersonation. Biometric authentication, which uses a part of the body to obtain accurate verification of individuals, is considered to be the most reliable method of identification. The Johmon finger vein authentication device was developed using biometric authentication technology developed by Hitachi Ltd. Central Research Laboratory. It has been on sale since 2003.

In collaboration with Hitachi Ltd., HitachiSoft has further developed this technology to produce a more compact and lower-cost finger vein authentication device, as well as realizing enhanced functionality of its authentication monitoring software to make it compatible with large-scale systems. Johmon J300 represents a reduction in area and mass of around 40% compared with its predecessor, while at the same time offering the highest level of authentication accuracy. Meanwhile, the authentication monitoring system AUthentiGate 02-00 is now compatible with a server layer structure designed for large-scale operating environments with links to an Active Directory and an identification server installed in each base. Furthermore, a local cache function ensures that the system can be utilized in the event of an emergency, such as when a fault occurs in the network.

HitachiSoft will continue to develop this technology in order to further improve the level of authentication available for its clients’ business systems with respect to PC log-in and business applications, and will proactively market this technology in the IT security sector. Moreover, by promoting the deployment of its finger vein authentication and integrated technology across a wide range of sectors, HitachiSoft aims to make that technology the de-facto standard for high-security biometric authentication systems.

New Johmon J300 Features

1. More compact
Modified components and a vertical design have enabled a reduction in the area and mass of the device by around 40% compared to the previous model.

2. Lower cost
The product costs 75% less that the previous model while maintaining the highest level of authentication accuracy.

3. More user-friendly
The device is more user-friendly as a result of improved log-on authentication for Windows and the addition of a password input function that can substitute finger vein authentication for password authentication in other applications.

AUthentiGate 02-00 Authentication Monitoring System
The AUthentiGate authentication monitoring system records the Johmon authentication information (vein pattern in the finger, user information and so forth) from a monitoring terminal (recording PC), which it then monitors through an integrated network of authentication servers. This system greatly reduces management costs incurred as a result of personnel or other changes. The new version is equipped with the following improved functions that will make the system accessible to a wide range of clients, whether they are introducing small-scale or large-scale systems.

1. Improved implementation

  • Organizational information from the Active Directory can be used as task grouping information, thus facilitating the monitoring of users. Furthermore, since the system is compatible with a server layer structure designed for large-scale operating environments with an identification server installed in each base, it can be used for a wide range of operations.
  • The functions of the SOAP interface have been improved, making it possible for these to be linked to clients’ business applications. Whereas previously only the authentication functions could be linked, it will now also be possible for user monitoring functions, such as recording or deletion of users’ finger information, to be handled via clients’ business applications. (SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol – a communications protocol for calling up data or services that are in another computer, using XML, HTTP, etc.)

2. Improved fault tolerance

  • A local cache function that encrypts and saves authentication information inside PCs while they are in use has been provided as a back up when a fault occurs in the network, solving the problem of being unable to implement authentication at such times.

The products below are marketed only in Japan.

  • Johmon J300 Finger Vein Authentication Device
    Standard price: 29,400 yen/unit (including tax)
  • AUthentiGate 02-00 Authentication Monitoring System
    Standard price: 21,000 yen/client (including tax)

For more information, please visit the Johmon homepage.

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