Atmel Introduces AT98SC032CT-USB for Embedded Systems and e-Tokens

Atmel(R) Corporation (Nasdaq:ATML), a global leader in the development and fabrication of advanced semiconductor solutions, announced today the introduction of its new AT98SC032CT-USB, a fully-integrated solution designed to secure embedded systems.

Based on Atmel’s smart card chip-design expertise and leadership, the AT98SC032CT-USB is intended for hardware security-solution integrators like USB tokens, secure Flash drives, media centers and other related products. The AT98SC032CT-USB is ideally suited for USB security devices used in various computer security applications like single sign-on, 2-factor authentication, web-portal strong-user authentication, secure login, digital rights management and more.

Thanks to its CCID-compliant, full-speed USB 2.0 interface, the AT98SC032CT-USB is seen as a smart card by the host platform. This chip features an increased storage memory of 32KB with a password-protected file system and meets FIPS 140-2 requirements.

The AT98SC032CT-USB embeds complex firmware that provides advanced functionalities including strong authentication, one-time password generation, digital signature (3DES MAC, RSA PKCS#1, EC-DSA), data encryption (3DES, RSA PKCS#1), message digest (SHA1 & 256), random number generation and public key generation (RSA, ECC). It also includes an administration application to manage the contents and configuration of the chip. This firmware makes the AT98SC032CT-USB perfectly adapted to PKCS#11 or MS-CAPI standard specifications which allows a straightforward integration into any application.

“High-tech goods counterfeiting, multimedia content copying and identity theft have an increasing cost to industry and consumers. AT98SC security modules are perfectly suited to protect your applications against these threats by offering low-cost, ease of integration, higher security and proven technology,” said Jean-Charles Lesage, Atmel’s smart card IC marketing manager.

Pricing and Availability
AT98SC032CT-USB samples are available now in 44-QFN, 44-LQFP and SoIC-8 packages with pricing starting at USD $3.00 for 10k units.

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