Barric Reveals New Brand After 20 years of Embedded Manufacturing

UK contract electronics manufacturer, Barric, has undergone a complete new branding. With a new logo, website and advertising message, Barric are looking forward to the next stage in the company’s development. The new branding is intended to reflect Barric’s increasing expertise in manufacturing complex electronics and also the fact that in recent years they have become an international player in this market, with clients as far away as the US.

“Over recent years we’ve been investing heavily in modern equipment and expertise, to ensure we are at the leading edge of electronic manufacture.” said Karl Hain, Managing Director. “Barric has become a far more technically advanced company over the years and we are also working more in overseas markets, so we felt the need to bring our branding up to date and give it more of a global message.”

Barric’s customers include global microprocessor developers, automotive electronics companies, domestic and broadcast audio systems and marine navigation sensing and detection equipment. Their key expertise is in delivering high quality, rapid prototype and volume production of surface mount and conventional through-hole electronics. For many customers they also provide component sourcing and complete product manufacture.

“After 20 years in business, we like to think that we’re experts in this field,” said Karl. “There are very few projects we can’t handle. With many projects we help at the very early design stages, as this can often influence final production costs and in field performance and reliability. I guess the new branding also reflects the way we have increasingly become trusted ‘partners’ in our clients projects rather than just a contract manufacturer.”

Much of Barric’s recent investment has been in automated inspection systems, BGA rework & reball technology and X-Ray analysis equipment. A part of Barric’s future strategy is to offer these services to companies who currently manufacture their own electronics but may need access to this expensive specialist technology in order to meet quality targets.

“As electronic devices have become so much smaller and far more complex, the testing and inspection of electronics has become a whole new science,” said Karl. “In order to meet the very high quality standards expected in today’s market, we’ve had to invest in a range of very expensive X-Ray and automated optical inspection systems. In addition to this, we have had to develop many new skills and understanding. We feel confident there are a lot of technology companies who would benefit from having access to this part of our business.”

About Barric
Barric manufacture electronic products for large and small companies across the world. With 20 years of experience, investment and success, Barric are very much leaders in this field. Equipped with the latest surface mount manufacturing equipment, hi-tech inspection technology and a team of expert engineers, Barric works closely with ‘cutting edge’ development companies from early stage design right through to volume shipment. Whether it is simply the production of electronic assemblies or complete product manufacture, Barric provides one of the best facilities available in Europe.