IntelliProp, Lattice Combine CE-ATA Core, LatticeXP Non-Volatile FPGA

Lattice Semiconductor (NASDAQ: LSCC) today announced that IntelliProp, Inc., a comprehensive Intellectual Property (IP) and verification solutions provider focused on the storage industry, has joined the ispLeverCORE(TM) Connections program. With Lattice, IntelliProp will develop and deliver complete solutions for customers who require standard storage interface solutions in Lattice’s FPGA products. The initial result of this partnership is the availability of a high-performance, low-power CE-ATA (Consumer Electronics Advanced Technology Attachment) host and device IP core for the non-volatile, instant-on LatticeXP(TM) FPGA family.

Using Lattice’s ispLEVER(R) software design tool suite, IntelliProp has ported its CE-ATA host and device cores to the LatticeXP devices. IntelliProp also has verified functionality of the cores on the LatticeXP family using its own CE-ATA/eVC (e Verification Component) test suites, as well as running the cores through interoperability testing. IntelliProp’s test suites support host or target configurations, provide extensive functional coverage and protocol checks and include the most popular storage protocols used in consumer electronics products, ensuring high quality designs. LatticeXP devices have been used in two of IntelliProp’s own bridge products, and have been designed into development boards offered for evaluation of IntelliProp’s ATA-to-CE-ATA and CE-ATA-to-ATA/CF+ storage interface bridge solutions. The CE-ATA IP Cores have been developed in close collaboration with storage system companies and are run through interoperability testing with multiple OEMs and vendors.

“Our partnership with IntelliProp signals our expanding presence in the storage market,” said Stan Kopec, corporate vice president of marketing. “Lattice is pleased to welcome IntelliProp, along with its robust ATA design and verification solutions, into the ispLeverCORE Connections program. As a result of this partnership, Lattice and IntelliProp can provide a superior solution for a multitude of portable/handheld storage systems including digital media players, digital audio players, digital recorders and multimedia mobile phones, offering our mutual customers ‘More of the Best’ solutions.”

“We are impressed with the value proposition that the LatticeXP FPGAs offer the CE-ATA market, and are pleased to join Lattice’s Connections program,” said Hiren Patel, president and chief technical officer of IntelliProp. “The performance and standby power capability of the LatticeXP device work well with our targeted storage applications. Lattice’s ispLEVER design tools also made it very easy for us to target the LatticeXP device and hit our performance targets. We look forward to collaborating with Lattice on further ATA-based projects.”

About the IntelliProp CE-ATA Core
The IntelliProp CE-ATA/MMC-on-ATA host and device cores are industry-standard CE-ATA interfaces created to enable fast adoption of the CE-ATA/MMC-on-ATA storage interface communication protocol. The CE-ATA cores are capable of running up to 52MHz and support 1, 4, and 8 bit data transfers in a low-power implementation. The protocol interface is compliant to the CE-ATA specification as defined by the CE-ATA consortium.

About LatticeXP FPGAs
Non-volatile LatticeXP FPGAs deliver the benefits of instant-on operation, excellent security and a single-chip implementation, and provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional SRAM-based FPGAs and their associated boot memories. LatticeXP devices combine SRAM and non-volatile Flash memory to deliver an FPGA that is both non-volatile and infinitely reconfigurable. The SRAM-based memory cells control the operation of the device logic and are loaded from the on-chip Flash memory in less than 1mS at power-up — providing instant-on capability — or on user command. Unlike SRAM-based FPGAs, the LatticeXP device does not require an external boot memory and provides a single-chip solution with the associated benefits of reduced board area and simplified system manufacture. The absence of an external boot device also eliminates the need for an external bit-stream at boot up and the possibility of bitstream snooping, a major security concern with SRAM-based FPGAs. Security features prohibit bit-stream readback from the SRAM and Flash sections of the devices to further enhance security. LatticeXP FPGAs are available in device sizes ranging from 3,000 to 20,000 Look-Up Tables (LUTs).

About IntelliProp, Inc.
Founded in 1999, IntelliProp has since focused entirely on the storage industry and offers a variety of design and verification solutions for common storage protocols such as CE-ATA, ATA, Serial-ATA, Serial-Attached SCSI and Fibre Channel. IntelliProp, Inc. is a provider of ASIC design and verification services, verification bus functional models in “e” and SystemVerilog, digital cores and silicon solutions. IntelliProp, Inc. is headquartered in Longmont, Colorado and also has offices in Pune, India.

About Lattice Semiconductor
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation provides the industry’s broadest range of Programmable Logic Devices (PLD), including Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD), Mixed-Signal Power Management and Clock Generation Devices, and industry-leading SERDES products. Lattice continues to deliver “More of the Best” to its customers with comprehensive solutions for system design, including an unequaled portfolio of high performance, non-volatile and low cost FPGAs. Lattice products are sold worldwide through an extensive network of independent sales representatives and distributors, primarily to OEM customers in communications, computing, industrial, consumer, automotive, medical and military end markets.

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