Brainport Flanders Workshop Promotes Doing Research in Belgium

Flanders Investment and Trade, a government agency that promotes business in the northern region of Belgium, today announced that they will host Brainport Flanders, a workshop aimed at researchers living and working in the United States. The workshop, to be held at Stanford University on November 11, will detail the practical aspects of identifying research programs to participate in, government incentives for visiting researchers, and the rewards of living abroad.

Testimonials from top researchers with both experiences in the USA and Europe will illustrate the real process of knowledge exchange. During the workshop, time is scheduled for discussion and interaction with the attendees and speakers or panel members.

Headlining the event will be Fientje Moerman, Vice-Minister-President of the Flemish Government and Flemish Minister of Economy, Enterprise, Science, Innovation and ForeignTrade. The Stanford event is one stop on Minister Moerman’s West-Coast tour to promote cooperative research ventures between the USA and Flanders.

“Innovation is the key success factor in a global economy,” stated Minister Moerman. “Through new concepts and advances in science and technology, companies are nurtured and society thrives. Flanders has dedicated itself to being a research center of excellence, providing a nurturing regional environment for researchers from all over the world to teach, learn, and create. This is the culture that we invite creative individuals to join.”

Brainport Flanders and the Innovation tour have been organized by the Flemish Interdisciplinary Institute for Broad Band Technology (IBBT). Representatives of several technology companies and organizations will accompany Minister Moerman to the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle. Participating organizations include Johnson & Johnson, Medstar, Essensium, tComLabs, Porthus, Eyetronics, Ubizen, Living Tomorrow, GIMV, the Center for Interdisciplinary Law & Information Technology, DSP Valley, Interuniversity Micro-Electronics Center (IMEC); Stanford University, University of Leuven (KULeuven), University of Brussels (VUB), University of Ghent (UGhent) and others.

Attendance at the event is free.

Brainport Flanders: Transatlantic Mobility and R&D Cooperation between the USA and Flanders, Europe
Saturday, 11 November 2006
Tresiddor Union, 2nd Floor, Oak West & East Rooms, Stanford University, Stanford, Calif.


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