LibreStream Licenses NCT's VOIP Echo Cancellation Technology

Cambridge voice technology experts, NCT have licensed their ClearSpeech voice technology to Canadian company LibreStream Technologies, Inc. who specialize in the development of wireless video conferencing technology. LibreStream have licensed NCT’s ClearSpeech echo cancellation technology for incorporation in their ‘n-sight Mobile Video Collaboration System’, the first mobile device that incorporates all the components necessary to participate in a wireless, full duplex voice, video and data collaboration session with a remote user using VoIP (voice over internet).

NCT are recognized as a world leader in the provision of voice technology. Their noise reduction, echo cancellation and signal conditioning software is used in millions of 3G phones and hands-free car kits around the world. Either integrated into audio chips or into customer software applications, NCT’s ‘ClearSpeech’ technologies remove background noise and acoustic echo, to enable human listeners and voice recognition systems to hear the talker with optimum clarity.

“We see VoIP as a very important market for our ClearSpeech products,” said Gillian Davis, Managing Director of NCT. ” LibreStream evaluating and then choosing ClearSpeech for such a cutting edge video conferencing project is great news, it reassures us that we are very much on track in this market.”

LibreStream’s ‘n_sight Mobile Video Collaboration System’ product can extend the reach and leverage the benefits of an organization’s conferencing infrastructure into the workplace, where mission critical issues need to be reviewed and dealt with on a real-time basis. It provides collaboration capabilities to locations previously inaccessible to real-time conferencing, such as test labs, health care facilities, factory floors, service departments, remote suppliers, first article inspection areas, customer facilities, and other remote work team locations.

“We evaluated NCT’s ClearSpeech echo cancellation solution and found it to be ideal for our project,” said Don Freiling, Senior Developer. ” In addition to this, the integration of the ClearSpeech software has been a very positive experience thanks to the great support that the NCT team provide.”

About NCT
Trading since 1990, Noise Cancellation Technologies (Europe) Ltd, NCT, is a world leader in the development of technologies for the removal of noise and echo from communication systems such as mobile phones, radio systems, intercoms, hands-free kits and voice recognition systems. By developing advanced software algorithms that run on DSP’s (digital signal processors) and CPU’s, NCT has enabled some of the world’s top manufacturers to deliver high quality voice-based communication systems. NCT now has sales offices in the UK, the US and Japan.

Noise Cancellation Technologies (Europe) Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary of NCT Group, Inc. NCT Group, Inc. (NCTI) is a publicly-traded, high-tech company with a strong technology base. NCTI is rich in intellectual property with 578 patents and related rights.

About LibreStream
LibreStream Technologies, Inc. is a Canadian based company. Their mobile video collaboration system product, ‘n_sight’, enhances productivity by allowing technical experts and remote operators to jointly view, consult, diagnose and resolve issues in the shortest amount of time, at the lowest possible cost. ‘n_sight’ transports high-resolution video, sound and still images through streaming multimedia from the scene right to your office desktop for quick and easy collaboration. Using a stylus for on-screen graphic marking, the telestration function instantly highlights areas of interest. ‘n_sight’ brings you there in real-time: saving downtime and travel expense, and improves productivity and customer satisfaction.