AXIOMTEK Launches SBC84710 Embedded SBC with VIA V4 Processors Support

AXIOMTEK, as a trusted Applied Computing Platform provider, is pleased to launch a new low power consumption 3.5″ embedded SBC, the SBC84710, which supports ultra low voltage VIA V4 Eden/C7 processors for power-efficient and fanless operation applications. This fanless embedded board is equipped with the latest VIA CX700 chipset which integrates all the cutting-edge features of a modern chipset’s North and South bridges into a single-chip package.

Featuring 4 COM ports, DualView and 4 USB 2.0 ports, the SBC84710 is targeted for embedded applications which require low power consumption, lighter system design, rich peripheral connections, 2D/3D graphics ability, and full multimedia functions.

The SBC84710 features the VIA CX700 chipset, has a VIA Graphics UniChrome(TM) Pro IGP graphics core, and features the Chromotion CE Video Display engine with hardware MPEG-2 playback. Together, with an advanced 2D/3D graphics core, the VIA CX700 offers exceptional playback and streaming of various digital video formats while maintaining ultra low power consumption and exerting minimal load on the processor.

To optimize the total-cost-of-ownership and system performance, the SBC84710 supports up to 1GB of high bandwidth DDR2 533 memory and features robust shared memory architecture, delivering a highly advanced solution for better logistics and cost. Additionally, with outstanding VIA CX700 core logic controller ISA compatibility support, the SBC84710 provides complete ISA expansion through the PC/104 interface. The board has full 16-bit ISA bandwidth and DMA memory features.

“Designed for various embedded applications such as POS/POI/KIOSK, multimedia, industrial PCs and thin clients, the SBC84710 delivers excellent performance, rich functions and power efficiency,” said Joseph Chou, the Product Manager of AXIOMTEK’s Embedded Computing Division. “The SBC84710 reduction in operating power requirements and extension of multimedia, connectivity and display flexibility provides embedded customers with an ideal solution to take their systems to the next stage.”

The SBC84710 gives a balanced solution for both the most updated technology and legacy I/O support; it is the best solution to bridge the older technology to the newest PC-based embedded environment. Other rich I/O features, including Fast Ethernet (10/100Mbps), a CompactFlash(TM) Type II socket, AC’97 Codec Audio, SATA-150, Watchdog Timer, SMBus, and digital I/O, maximize the customer’s business opportunities to adopt the board into various applications.

This astonishing solution will be available in the middle of November 2006. For more product information or pricing, please contact our sales representatives at

Key Features

  • Fanless onboard low power V4 Eden/C7 CPU
  • DualView with different content & resolution
  • 4 COM and 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • PC/104 and Mini PCI socket for expansion
  • Both +5V or +12V only single voltage DC-in supported

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