Neah Power Receives Patent for Bonding Electrodes

Neah Power Systems, Inc. (Pink Sheets:NPWS), a Nevada corporation announces that it has been issued U.S. Patent No. 7,118,822 titled “Fuel Cell Electrode Pair Assemblies and Related Methods.” Neah’s patented porous silicon fuel cell technology is able to leverage the existing infrastructure of microelectronic packaging technology for semiconductor, photonic and MEMS applications.

The electrode bonding and packaging techniques covered in this patent will enable a Neah Fuel Cell to fit into in a small package or container. In contrast to other fuel cells for portable applications, Neah’s direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) will utilize existing technology employed in the silicon processing industry to economically mass produce its fuel cells.

“One key challenge facing the fuel cell industry today is making a fuel cell that can be manufactured economically and fit into a form factor that is consistent with market demands. This will require both creating new ways of packaging fuel cells as well as adapting existing technologies,” said Dan Rosen, Ph.D., Chairman of Neah Power. “The claims covered in our newly issued patent, provides the techniques necessary to simplify the assembly process of our porous silicon-based fuel cell which in turn creates manufacturing efficiencies and thus lowers costs.”

Subsequently, Neah now owns a total of eight patents, with additional pending patent applications filed. Prototypes are currently being developed, and if successful, have the potential to increase the operating time of portable electronic devices multiple times beyond that of conventional batteries.

About Neah Power Systems
Neah Power Systems is a micro fuel cell development company using a patented, silicon-based design to provide long-lasting, efficient and safe power solutions for portable electronic devices, including notebook PCs and other power-hungry computer, entertainment, and communications products. As an emerging leader in fuel cell technology and design, Neah Power Systems believes that its products will allow users to extend the operating time of their devices multiple times beyond that of conventional batteries. Key investors include Alta Partners, Frazier Technology Ventures, Castile Ventures, WestAM and Intel Capital. Neah Power Systems is headquartered just outside of Seattle in Bothell, Washington. Further company information can be found at our Website and in the reports that we file with the Securities and Exchange Commission.