ZiLOG Updates Crimzon RC Express Remote Control Development Software

ZiLOG(R), Inc. (Nasdaq: ZILG), a leading provider of integrated 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) and universal remote control solutions, today announced the availability of Crimzon RC Express(R) v2.0, an updated version of its configurable and scalable universal infrared remote (UIR) control software development suite which provides customers with a complete software development platform for developing UIR control units for numerous brands and models of devices including TV sets, VCR and DVD players and recorders, satellite, cable and set top boxes, and audio units.

Crimzon RC Express v2.0 includes ZiLOG’s proprietary remote control software, available free of charge to qualified licensed users via download, a general purpose remote control application and an application program interface (API) for interfacing IR transmission and receiving modules. The RC Express module decodes and transmits IR library signals and also provides an IR signal learning feature. The software works with the Crimzon(R) ZLP32300, ZLP12840 and the upcoming ZLR64400 families of OTP-based microcontrollers and is designed to be used with the Crimzon In-Circuit Emulator (ICE) and development system. By providing an API, which enables programmers to write applications consistent with the operating environment, RC Express allows users to develop the software for a fully featured UIR remote control, simplifying and speeding up the development cycle. In addition, the software package provides user interface source code for a remote control application based on the API, IR libraries with API and two comprehensive remote control database libraries (covering North America and Europe) for a 6-in-1 device.

The main components of Crimzon RC Express v2.0 software suite are the IR engine, IR database, learning stack and RC Express User Interface. The IR Engine is invoked after the user presses a key on the remote unit. The IR Engine then accepts the device, codeset, and key as inputs. With these inputs and database the IR Engine programs the Z8(R) CPU and transmits the corresponding IR signal. The IR Database is a collection of codesets (IR signals) and protocols that correspond to multiple devices among numerous brands and models and exists in a firmware format. The Learning Stack provides the capability to learn an IR signal from another remote control unit and uses the EEPROM to store the learned signal data and requires the EEPROM driver library for it to function normally. The RC Express v2.0 software modules and database can be individually selected in the customer configuration file and can be customized to the application requirement in various program memory sizes.

Crimzon RC Express v2.0 comes complete with a sample project which may be used as is, or be modified if necessary by the customer with their own specific code to suit a particular application. When linked with an accompanying object file and compiled, this sample project provides a fully- functional remote control that may then be burned onto Crimzon devices via the In-Circuit Emulator. The programmed chip may then be tested immediately on ZiLOG’s proprietary Crimzon Development Platform Board or the customer’s own board.

Commenting on the launch of the updated version of Crimzon RC Express, ZiLOG CTO Dr. Norm Sheridan said: “ZiLOG is the leading provider of complete turnkey solutions for universal infrared remote controls. The Crimzon RC Express v2.0 suite of remote control development tools provides customization capability with ZiLOG’s proven UIR technology to streamline our customers’ development workflow, allowing for rapid infra-red application development and giving our customers the opportunity to utilize our comprehensive IR database. Access to this resource allows the customer to bolt their own customized application code and user interface code to our database. This gives the customer the best of both worlds — an opportunity to use their own IP for user interface, which differentiates their product from others and a chance to use ZiLOG’s database, which is the foremost in the industry. Crimzon RC Express will also enable ZiLOG to service more customer projects and provide a much higher level of service to a wider range of customers. and will greatly enhance the speed and ease at which customers can complete their designs.”

The Crimzon ICE provides full ZLP32300, ZLR64400 and ZLP12840 family in-circuit emulation on a target board and OTP programming of Crimzon devices. A trace and buffer event trigger system allows users to capture data before and after an event and analyze the cycles surrounding it, means easy troubleshooting and program debugging using the included ZiLOG’s ZDSII Integrated Design Environment (IDE) development tools. ZDSII combines an easy-to-use Windows-based GUI with multithreading capability, streamlining code compilation and development, reducing design time and increasing developer productivity. Included with ZDSII are a language-sensitive editor, project manager, assembler, linker, librarian and full ANSI C-Compiler.

The Crimzon RC Express Remote Control Software Suite, part number ZLSRCEX0000RXS, is available for download free of charge for qualified users via ZiLOG’s website. To register and qualify for the software license, users should follow the online instructions. The Crimzon In-Circuit Emulator Kit, part number ZLP128ICE01ZEMG, is also available to order via ZiLOG’s network of global distributors.

RC Express v2.0 Features

  • API-rich software environment for configurable and scalable IR development
  • Extensive remote control databases with over a thousand remote control codesets for North American and European regions
  • IR learning capability to capture most popular infrared signals
  • User interfaces to speed the development time with easy to use software modules such as:
    • Key scan
    • Volume punch through
    • Direct entry programming (DEP)
    • Low-voltage detection (LVD)
    • Indicator LED on/off
    • Device mode selection
    • Simple transport punch through
    • Multiple key press
    • Stuck key time-out
  • Number of helpful utilities to aid in development
  • First in the market to provide the API for IR transmission and learning
  • IR driver accepts default code as input without writing any driver for selected protocols
  • Sample project to demonstrate the use of the APIs and libraries in a 6-in-1 remote control
  • Designed for development with the Crimzon In-Circuit Emulator (ZLP128ICE01ZEM) which contains the development board for RC Express v2.0
  • IR database is upgradeable without change of API or user code

About ZiLOG, Inc.
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