Digital Angel Receives Patent for Glucose-Sensing RFID Microchip

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Digital Angel Corporation (AMEX: DOC) a patent for its syringe-implantable glucose-sensing RFID microchip, Digital Angel announced today. The RFID microchip measures the glucose concentration levels of diabetic patients and will be marketed and distributed by Digital Angel’s sister company, VeriChip, as an extension to the company’s products benefiting people.

“A glucose-sensing microchip could profoundly impact the 230 million people worldwide living with diabetes,” said Digital Angel CEO and President, Kevin McGrath. “Patent approval for this RFID microchip is a major step in bringing this life-altering technology to market. It also underscores Digital Angel’s commitment to innovation, product development and rapid growth.”

Checking blood glucose levels regularly is critical to properly managing diabetes. The conventional method – a finger prick – is invasive, painful and often inaccurate. The implantable bio-sensor chip has a passive transponder, glucose sensor and integrated circuitry that allow anyone implanted with the microchip to painlessly scan it to determine their level of glucose concentration. The RFID microchip quickly and accurately transmits the glucose data back to a wireless scanner that displays the glucose level. The RFID microchip is powered by the scanner signal, avoiding the need for a battery in the microchip.

“This is a landmark development in the world of diabetes management,” said Dr. Joseph Feldman, Chairman of the Emergency/Trauma Department of Hackensack University Medical Center. “The current process for monitoring blood sugar levels is painful, cumbersome and discouraging, and especially burdensome for the young and the elderly. By having this technology, the process becomes effortless. This glucose-sensing RFID microchip is the next great step in implantable microchip technology.”

Digital Angel, a leading producer of electronic tags for livestock, pets, fish and humans, foresees expansion beyond the human market for the glucose-sensing RFID microchip. According to the company, diabetes is a major disease issue in animal livestock today. As a result, the glucose-sensing RFID microchip could have an equally significant impact in monitoring the glucose levels in livestock animals.

“We recognize that extensive work is required to commercialize this product, including the time and investment required for development, clinical trials and FDA approval,” said McGrath. “Still, we view this as an incredibly important advancement in the world of diabetes management.”

Digital Angel is seeking international patent protection covering the same glucose-sensor RFID technology. The company, in conjunction with VeriChip Corporation, its exclusive licensee in the area of human implantable identification products, is in the process of naming this product.

The patent, No. 7,125,382 was granted on October 24, 2006 and is titled “Embedded Bio-Sensor System.”

About Digital Angel Corporation
Digital Angel Corporation develops and deploys sensor and communications technologies that enable rapid and accurate identification, location tracking, and condition monitoring of high-value assets. Applications for the Company’s products include identification and monitoring of humans, pets, fish, poultry and livestock through its patented implantable microchips; location tracking and message monitoring of vehicles and aircraft in remote locations through systems that integrate GPS and geosynchronous satellite communications; and monitoring of asset conditions such as temperature and movement, through advanced miniature sensors.