Aerosystems Develops Maritime Composite Training System with ARTiSAN Studio

ARTiSAN Software Tools, a global leader for UML 2 and SysML modelling tools, has announced that Aerosystems International (AeI), a leader in the analysis, design, development and delivery of complex, software-intensive systems for the aerospace and defence sectors, has extended its use of ARTiSAN Studio to the Datalink Simulation Environment it is currently developing for the Maritime Composite Training System (MCTS) that will be used by the Royal Navy to train operations rooms personnel for multiple platforms.

Aerosystems International has previously used ARTiSAN Studio extensively on a variety of other software projects for the aerospace and defence sectors including the development and verification of a Tactical Management Processor component for a Rotorcraft platform, a Technology Insertion Programme for a maritime patrol aircraft and a communication control system for a ground attack aircraft. However, the use of ARTiSAN Studio on the Datalink Simulation Environment for the Maritime Composite Training System follows a comprehensive re-evaluation against several competitive developments tools. ARTiSAN Studio was chosen for the project based on a combination of criteria such as cost, usability, code generation ability and extent of support.

“We have chosen ARTiSAN Studio as the development tool for the Maritime Composite Training System Datalink Simulation Environment for its overall robustness and suitability based on a set of clearly defined and exacting criteria,” said John Clemit, Aerosystems International’s MCTS Project Manager. “We are particularly impressed by its code generation capability which is fundamental to our needs along with its ability to ensure that the implementation remains in synch with the design throughout the life of the project.”

As the project must meet the requirements to train different roles, it was important for the project’s underlying development tool to provide the architectural flexibility for the Datalink Simulation Environment to be applied to multiple platforms. This flexibility will also meet the future need to expand the Datalink Simulation Environment to support other Royal Navy platforms.

“ARTiSAN has just turned in its best ever quarterly sales figures and it is extremely gratifying to know that this has been achieved both by winning new customers and also by existing customers, like Aerosystems International, extending their use of ARTiSAN Studio to new projects,” said Jeremy Goulding, President and CEO of ARTiSAN Software Tools. “Aerosystems International’s decision to extend its use of ARTiSAN Studio to the development of the Maritime Composite Training System clearly demonstrates it suitability to the complex, safety-critical and inevitably demanding development projects found within the aerospace and defence industries. Furthermore, the recent decision by the Defence Procurement Agency, an executive agency of the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), to add ARTiSAN Studio to the approved list of tools for the MOD Architectural Framework (MODAF), is testament that it is fast becoming the development environment of choice for the defence industry.”

About Aerosystems International
Aerosystems International is a leading company in the analysis, design, development and delivery of complex, software intensive systems for the aerospace and defence sectors. It also develops cutting edge systems and smart technologies for various industrial applications. Aerosystems International (AeI) is based in the United Kingdom, with offices in the USA. With over 400 personnel, its range of skills allows the company to provide cost-effective solutions.

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