Sequence Celebrates Diwali Festival Of Lights

Chip-design software pioneer Sequence Design typically burns the midnight oil trying to reduce power in today’s multi-million-transistor circuits, but during the Hindu festival of Diwali, widely known as India’s “Festival of Lights,” CEO Vic Kulkarni turns up the wattage.

“It’s the Indian equivalent of Christmas when homes are thoroughly cleaned, windows are opened and diyas (oil lamps) are lit as a greeting to Lakshmi, goddess of wealth,” Kulkarni said. “It celebrates the turning of the seasons, and people go all out exchanging gifts and enjoying festive meals.”

Enjoying Diwali in Silicon Valley isn’t hard to imagine these days given the large numbers of Indian expatriates living here, but many in Sequence’s Santa Clara headquarters were unfamiliar with the tradition –until now.

“I highly approve of Goddesses of Wealth, of any denomination…they have always inspired me!” exclaimed Holly Stump, Sequence vice president of marketing as she adjusted her teal green and gold sari.

Like Stump, other Sequence employees dressed in classic Indian garb for the day, which included all of the fun and ritual typical of the celebration along with a traditional Diwali luncheon at a well-known local restaurant frequented by the Kulkarni family.