GLS Link Networks Simulators and Virtual Reality Applications

DiSTI announces the release of GLS Link. GLS Link allows GL Studio users to easily and quickly network simulators and virtual reality applications using either the DoD’s High Level Architecture (HLA) or the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocol. GLS Link is a software library and code generator that seamlessly integrates network simulation data from MÄK’s VR-Link HLA and DIS networking toolkit with GL Studio, DiSTI’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) development toolkit.

Users easily map network data from DIS and HLA interactions to their HMI display using the GLS Link libraries, graphical user interface and its auto generated configuration files. Hand coding of the data connections is eliminated, making the development process very quick and efficient. The library also supports mapping of HMI input components, such as button states and switch positions from GL Studio, and connecting them to DIS and HLA applications using DIS Data PDUs or HLA Interactions.

MÄK Technologies, the world’s leading supplier of distributed simulation software, and DiSTI, the developer of GL Studio and a leading provider of HMI design and prototyping software, announced a strategic partnership in May of 2006 at ITEC in London . “GLS Link is the first in a series of cooperative tools to be developed,” says Joe Swinski, chief executive officer, DiSTI. “MÄK and DiSTI have always worked very closely together and this formal partnership arrangement has proven to be a great asset. The release of GLS Link is instrumental for the simulation networking and HMI needs of both companies’ customers. With GLS Link, the auto generation of the required code to map network data interactions will save our customers a great deal of time.”

About DiSTI
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About MÄK Technologies
MÄK Technologies develops software to link, simulate and visualize the virtual world.
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