Software Acumen to Demonstrate pure::variants, Synchronizer for DOORS

Software Acumen is pleased to support the Telelogic UK User Group Conference, to be held at the Celtic Manor Resort, Newport from November 13th – 15th.

Mark Dalgarno, Software Acumen’s lead consultant, and Dr. Danilo Beuche of pure-systems GmbH, will be participating in the conference, and will demonstrate pure::variants and Synchronizer for DOORS(R), an add-on for pure::variants that enables DOORS(R) to be used for requirements management of product variants.

Synchronizer for DOORS(R) provides a rich language for modelling relationships and restrictions between requirements and enables DOORS(R) users to realize the following benefits:

  • Makes it possible, and easy to establish whether a particular combination of requirements is valid.
  • Automatically detects and resolves problems when conflicting requirements specified.
  • Allows the integrity of your Requirements Modules to be checked e.g. by ensuring that variability is supported where it is desired.
  • Makes it easy to report on which requirements have been incorporated into which variants (i.e. supports Requirements Traceability).

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pure-systems GmbH is an Alliance Partner of Telelogic AB.

Software Acumen distributes and supports pure::variants in the UK and Ireland on behalf of pure-systems GmbH.