Ikivo, Monotype Enable Scalable, Multilingual Text for Mobile SVG

Monotype Imaging Inc., a global leader in font and imaging technologies, and Ikivo AB, a leading provider of Mobile SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) solutions, will demonstrate how multimedia developers, content creators, wireless operators and handset manufacturers can leverage scalable fonts and multilingual capability to enhance SVG-based rich media services and content for the worldwide mobile phone market.

“Through our partnership with Ikivo, we’ve set the stage for dramatically improving SVG user experiences such as those enriched with animation, graphics, video or sophisticated interactivity,” said John Seguin, executive vice president and general manager of Monotype Imaging’s Display Imaging group. “Ikivo and Monotype are bringing new levels of creative flexibility into the development of multimedia content, mobile advertising, applications and services through the use of scalable, stylistic fonts. In addition, we’re bringing refined multilingual capabilities to SVG, such as support for Hindi and Arabic. Through the increasing adoption of scalable solutions and open-standard technologies such as Mobile SVG, Monotype Imaging and Ikivo are readying the mobile ecosystem to deploy rich media content enhanced with scalable type and multilingual support on mass market mobile phones.”

At the Smartphone Show, Monotype Imaging and Ikivo will feature workflow demonstrations beginning with the ability to import rich media content into the Ikivo Animator Mobile SVG content authoring tool. Attendees will view how developers can animate the content, originally created using standard design applications, and for the first time be able to freely choose or change fonts selected from Monotype Imaging’s expanding range of ESQ(R) (Enhanced Screen Quality) Mobile fonts – TrueType(R) and OpenType(R)-based typefaces fine-tuned for high-quality cell phone display. The resulting content can then be previewed within Animator using “actual” device profiles, before being transferred to smartphones based on the Symbian(R) OS, where content is viewed using the companies’ integrated technologies – Ikivo’s multimedia SVG Player and Monotype Imaging’s iType(R) scalable font engine and WorldType(R) Layout Engine, for multilingual text layout.

“Our partnership with Monotype Imaging enables new possibilities for mobile content design for low, mid and high-end SVG mobile phone developers,” said Bradley Sipes, vice president of operations and chief technology officer of Ikivo. “This is a significant move forward for creative freedom, and the integration of Monotype Imaging’s technologies into Ikivo’s Animator and SVG Player products will enable text to be consistently managed throughout the workflow process, while maintaining low memory and CPU usage. Through our partnership with Monotype Imaging, we look forward to furthering SVG typographic flexibility through our technologies, which are integrated in more than 100 million mobile phones in circulation today.”

Monotype Imaging’s iType font engine, a scalable font rendering subsystem based on the TrueType and OpenType industry-standard font formats, is the underlying technology responsible for new typographic flexibility within Ikivo’s SVG Player and Animator products. The iType rasterizer offers developers of low- to high-end feature phones a multimedia client framework complete with scalable font support. As part of the Ikivo Animator content authoring tool, the iType font engine provides content developers access to the client framework environment within the content creation workflow process. Ikivo’s solution also integrates Monotype Imaging’s WorldType Layout Engine, a modular library that enables the on-screen composition, positioning and rendering of multilingual text, including complex scripts. WorldType Layout Engine handles various intricacies of composition and layout including bi-directional text flow, contextual character substitution and positioning, ligatures, accents and the intermixing of text and graphics.

Ikivo’s Animator content authoring tool and Mobile SVG Players, and Monotype Imaging’s iType font engine and WorldType Layout Engine are deployable today through open-standard platforms such as the Symbian(R) OS, which has been licensed to some of the world’s leading handset manufacturers. “By partnering with open-platform technology leaders such as Symbian, Monotype Imaging is committed to advancing the role of text handling in order to drive the establishment of de facto standards within the mobile industry,” said Seguin.

About Ikivo AB
Ikivo AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is the leading developer of software solutions for mobile SVG. These solutions address the needs of mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators and content creators, empowering them to create and enable rich, compelling media services for mass market mobile phones. Core products include the Ikivo SVG Player, an open standard, compliant technology that allows phone manufacturers to enable their devices for mobile SVG, and Ikivo Animator, a professional content creation tool that integrates into any design workflow to animate static SVG content for mobile phones. Ikivo is an active participant in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), instrumental in driving industry standards and shaping the future of mobile graphics.

About Monotype Imaging
Based in Woburn, Mass. with regional offices in the U.K., Chicago, Redwood City, Calif., Boulder, Colo., Japan and China, Monotype Imaging is a global leader in fonts and font technologies for graphic professionals, software developers and manufacturers of printers and display devices. The company also provides print drivers and color imaging technologies to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Monotype Imaging is home to the Monotype(R) and ITC(R) typeface libraries, collections that include widely used designs such as the Arial(R), Times New Roman(R), Gill Sans(R) and ITC Franklin Gothic(TM) typeface families. Linotype Library GmbH, home to timeless designs such as the Helvetica(R), Frutiger(R) and Palatino(R) typeface families, is a Monotype Imaging company. Monotype Imaging offers fonts and industry-standard solutions for most of the world’s written languages.

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