Ardence Provides Phar Lap ETS SDK to Singapore Polytechnic

Ardence, the global leader in developing software platforms for the on-demand world, today announced that it is providing the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic with software development kits (SDKs) for its market-leading real-time operating system – Phar Lap ETS.

Under the agreement, the SDKs will be used solely for the purpose of teaching students how to configure and develop high-performance embedded software systems with Phar Lap ETS. And with this contingency, Ardence agreed to dramatically reduce pricing to enable more engineering students to master their embedded development skills as they prepare to enter the workforce.

Based on Ardence’s reputation for embedded development expertise and upon hearing ongoing news about progress with cutting edge embedded technologies, such as virtualization and multi-core systems, Singapore Polytechnic approached Ardence to inquire about real-time development systems. Ardence’s technology has been deployed in thousands of companies across the global marketplace, which serves the institution’s goal of providing its students with a significant competitive advantage upon entering the workforce.

Phar Lap ETS is a Win-32 real-time operating system for x86-based architectures. Its hard real-time performance, robust development environment and toolset enable efficient deployment of stable and reliable embedded applications. Because it works with standard PC-based hardware, ETS allows for cost-effective deployments and short development cycles. Additionally, it enhances the widely-deployed and well-known Microsoft Developer Studio Integrated Development Environment with a number of plug-ins, so developers can create complex embedded applications as easily as they can develop Windows applications.

“Ardence has a longstanding history of supporting educational institutions,” said Stephen Woodard, Ardence Senior Vice President of Global Operations. “Ardence is committed to the embedded industry, and we recognize that this is an investment in the next generation of engineers, which will design the systems of the future.”

Since its original release, ETS has provided hundreds of companies with a solution to easily develop and deploy high-performance embedded products on x86-based systems. With 12 major updates, ETS has been enhanced with many features and capabilities while retaining its status as one of the industry’s most reliable, user-friendly, and highest-performing real-time operating systems. The latest version includes TCP/IP multi-cast support, 256 levels of priority and kernel-level memory protection. Evaluation versions of ETS can be downloaded at not cost.

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