ASTER's TestWay Analyzer Integrates with TEMENTO's DiaTem Studio

ASTER — the leading supplier in Board-Level Testability analysis tools — and TEMENTO Systems — a leading technology provider of test and debug tools for FPGA, ICs and Systems — announced the forming of a strategic partnership that enables integration between ASTER’s TestWay(TM) Electrical DfT and Fault Coverage Analyzer with TEMENTO’s DiaTem Studio(R) Boundary-Scan Test Development environment.

Adopting an integrated development methodology allows electronics designers and test engineers to gain visibility on what the final coverage would be or on what constraints were compromising the ability to achieve the highest possible fault coverage. This ensures satisfactory measures have been incorporated at the earliest stage in the development cycle.

With TestWay for DiaTem Studio(R), the integrated methodology for boundary-scan test development is driven by key factors such as:

TestWay for DiaTem Studio integrated methodology for boundary-scan test development

1. Is the board well-designed for boundary-scan test?
TestWay checks the correct implementation of industry standard and customer specific boundary scan rules.

2. What possible improvements can be made to the board design or test environment that dramatically increases the fault coverage?
TestWay analyzes the design and suggests testability improvements, and determine where cluster test and parallel accesses can improve coverage.

3. How good is the Boundary-scan coverage on this design?
TestWay estimates test coverage before any boundary-scan tests are developed.

4. How to speed-up the ATPG configuration to achieve highest fault coverage?
TestWay exports boundary-scan data preparation files directly into DiaTem Studio.

5. Is the real coverage from DiaTem Studio in alignment with early expectations?
TestWay reads in the real coverage report from DiaTem Studio and verify the development is in alignment with early expectations.

The integrated methodology makes it possible to achieve up-to 30% reduction in the test development time, with significant improvements in test repeatability (for example no conflicting nodal activity), while achieving optimum coverage.

Christophe LOTZ, Director of the ASTER Product Division said, “We are pleased to be associated with TEMENTO Systems in extending the TestWay capability. It is a clear indication of ASTER’s continued commitment to work closely with test equipment suppliers, to integrate the testability analysis features of TestWay with those of third-party test development tools. This provides new opportunities to deliver the optimal test solution at the lowest possible cost.”

Philippe SCHWARTZ, Marketing Manager of Temento Systems said, “One of the key advantages of DiaTem Studio is that it gives a “Preview & Validate” of the Design for Test before Production release. The integration with TestWay will drastically leverage the test coverage improvement possibilities before any further test development. Getting an optimized DfT will never be so comprehensive and so fast.”

About ASTER Technologies
ASTER is the leading supplier in Board-Level Testability analysis tools which capitalizes on proven expertise in board testability and strong customer relations. Founded in 1993, ASTER develops a wide range of products dealing with PCB Testability, Viewing and Quality Management. TestWay is a proven solution at many PCB design and manufacturers worldwide that provides a unique approach to take into account electrical testability requirements early in the design chain. For more information about the company and its solutions, please call ASTER at +33 2 99 83 01 01.

About TEMENTO Systems
Founded in 1995, Temento Systems is a global leader of advanced Electronic Design and Test Automation (EDTA) solutions that address today’s growing test and verification challenges of complex electronic components and systems. Temento provides advanced test, debug and verification tools for FPGA, System on Chip (SoC), PCB, Multi-chip Module and electronic systems. Temento’s solutions are used by different functional teams (Development, Industrialization, Manufacturing and Maintenance) and in major companies from various industrial sectors worldwide: Semiconductor, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Computer, Automotive and Aerospace. For more information, call TEMENTO at +33 4 56 52 60 00.