VMETRO Introduces VSIPlus DSP C-libraries for PowerPC 744x

VMETRO announces the availability of VSIPlus, a bundle of C-libraries for DSP processing, optimized for the PowerPC 744x processor. The VSIPlus libraries support VxWorks 5.5 and products such as the Phoenix VPF1 DSP VXS board. The bundle includes VSIPL, CSIPL and VecLib open-standards. In total, the bundle includes over 6,000 DSP functions.

VSIPL (Vector Signal and Image Processing Library) is an open standard DSP C-library designed for system portability. The library APIs have been defined by the VSIPL forum, a group of cross-industry users working to define an open standard and portable library. VSIPL is useful for applications such as radar, sonar and industrial imaging in both the defense and commercial markets. This library is based on the VSIPL ‘core’ profile and contains over 500 functions including vector & scalar arithmetic, Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs), window functions, filters, matrix operations, system solvers, logical operations, QR decomposition and vector trig functions.

CSIPL is a complementary C-library to VSIPL and provides similar functionality. When the portability and open standard requirements of VSIPL are not essential, CSIPL is easier to use. Because they are bundled together, the user can choose which libraries to use.

The third component within VSIPLUS is VecLib, a large set of functions offering high-performance, optimized implementations of vector element-wise functions such as complex multiplications, division, etc – all highly optimized for the PowerPC 744x with the AltiVec instruction set. The library contains over 4500 functions of two, three, or four operands, real or complex, scalar or vector.

Pricing and Availability
The VSIPlus libraries are available immediately with pricing from USD $7,500. This price includes one year of maintenance and 10 run-time licenses.

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