Libya, Kyrgyzstan Expand with EION Wireless' Libra MAX Platform

EION Wireless, providers of intelligent broadband wireless backhaul and access solutions, today announced that its Libra MAX platform has been chosen for two nationwide WiMAX network expansions in Libya and Kyrgyzstan.

“We selected EION’s Libra MAX Platform Solution based on EION’s long history of providing reliable broadband wireless connectivity solutions worldwide,” said Dr. Aref Nayed, Managing Director of Agathon Systems. “We are impressed and pleased with EION’s high level of commitment to technical support and to customer satisfaction, which encouraged our Banking Customer in Libya to make a second large scale expansion of their nationwide Libra MAX Network.”

The expanded deployment in Libya includes a network of Libra MAX Base Stations Libra MAX Subscriber Stations for use by end users. Each base station in the network has the capacity to provide service to over 2000 remote subscribers. This expansion complements the installed base of over 400 of EION’s Ultima 3, Libra 5800 & Ranger 5145 radios in use for both backhaul and multipoint operation. The expanded network will provide a secure, high performance private network built on EION’s WiMAX platform.

A second major Libra MAX deployment in Kyrgyzstan is intended for carrier-class, triple play (voice/data/video).

“The Libra MAX platform delivers the best performance in the WiMAX industry with its modular chassis-based carrier-class architecture and its WiMAX class features. Superior security and high net throughput performance capabilities, has given EION customers a significant competitive advantage.” said Hassan Abdelghany, EION’s Vice President of Sales for Africa, Middle East & Central Asia Regions, “Libra MAX is the backbone of several large scale deployments in data, voice and video surveillance wireless applications for major highly visible Middle East & Africa clients ranging from Licensed Service Providers to Banking and to Video Surveillance Security applications.”

Operating in the 3.5 GHz WiMAX spectrum, the carrier class EION Libra MAX product family offers service providers a scalable approach to system deployment. Customers can choose among a range of base station configurations from entry level single-sector to flexible multi-sector base stations and have a selection of subscriber station variants to meet service and functional requirements.

About EION Wireless
EION Wireless, a division of EION Inc., is a global provider of Broadband Wireless Access products that enable effective, economic and secure wireless high-speed communications solutions. The company’s licensed and unlicensed frequency products are used by wireless ISPs, private network operators, and remote rural networks and in voice and data backhaul applications to solve last mile challenges. EION Wireless works with more than 165 local partners to support its diverse global customer base and provide innovative and reliable solutions.