Wintegra Expands WiMAX Offering

Wintegra(R) Inc., a fabless semiconductor company targeting the access infrastructure market, announced today two significant milestones in its expanding WiMAX product offering. These include the introduction of a complete fixed and mobile 802.16e upper and lower MAC with integrated network interface and transport functions, and the announcement that the 802.16e base station development platform, WinHDP, is now shipping to customers. Both the MAC and the platform were successfully used by multiple 802.16e base station vendors to interoperate with subscriber stations and CPE solutions in the WiMAX Forum “Plugfest” event held in Frederick, Maryland in September.

The Wintegra WinHDP development platform has been shipped to numerous WiMAX customers worldwide – including customers in North America, Europe, Israel, Japan and Taiwan. The base station development platform provides direct connectivity between the Wintegra MAC and picoChip PHY, and state-of-the-art RF and antenna subsystems, which together create a demonstrable WiMAX base station that has successfully interoperated with multiple CPE solutions. Fully tested software and vendor independent APIs are available for rapid system integration of these components, as well as optional licensing of tools and source code for OEMs to customize and differentiate their systems. This platform is modular and scalable, and is capable of supporting any size base station from pico-cell, to multi-sector, multi-protocol macro base station designs. WinHDP gives OEMs the capability to realize the benefits of reduced time to market as well as field upgradeability.

Key Features of the WinHDP base station platform include:

  • Lower and upper MAC from Wintegra
  • WiMAX PHY from picoChip
  • Interface for AAS/MIMO antenna
  • Flexible software-defined baseband silicon from picoChip

The Wintegra 802.16e MAC is a full featured and fully programmable lower and upper MAC implementation that supports both mobile and fixed WiMAX operation. Key features include: FDD and TDD mode support; Point-to-Multipoint topology; multi-zone support; support for 512 subscribers; numerous queues per connection; and enhanced statistics support. The MAC is highly modular and flexible, allowing rapid adaptation to standards changes as well as integration of proprietary customer modules and features. The code is fully integrated with Wintegra production quality wireless data path software packages. All of this MAC software can run on the WinHDP and is shipping to customers worldwide.

Key MAC Features:

  • Enhanced Packed Convergence Sublayer Support
  • Up to 64K CIDs
  • Payload Header Compression
  • Common Part Sublayer Support
  • Fully integrated security and Privacy Sublayer support
  • Multi-sector support on a single device (three sectors)
  • Field upgradeable for 802.16d or 802.16j
  • Handover scanning and power control
  • Modular PHY interface

Key Transport Features:

  • WiMAX Forum Network Interface, including R6 and R8 specifications
  • Sophisticated classifier and QoS, with priority remapping, policing and congestion control
  • GRE and IP-in-IP tunneling support
  • Software programmable backhaul
  • Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, TDM, POS and ATM interfaces
  • Payload Header Suppression (PHS)
  • Interface for ASN gateway, including handover support

About Wintegra, Inc.
Wintegra is a leading provider of access processing semiconductors enabling the delivery of new services for the evolving communications network infrastructure. Its access processors and networking software provide the essential intelligence and upgradeability for infrastructure equipment to support the emerging networks based on the convergence of voice, video, data and wireless services. Wintegra-based solutions are available for a wide range of communication platforms such as wireless infrastructure, digital subscriber line, or DSL, Multi-service Access, voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, and access routers and are used by many of the leading telecom and networking equipment manufacturers worldwide.