Alliance Systems Debuts Turn-key WiMAX ATCA and MicroTCA Solutions

Alliance Systems, Ltd. introduces new turn-key solutions for the wireless communications market using Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX), Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA), and MicroTCA standards. Alliance Systems’ newly designed fully-integrated WiMAX solutions enable application vendors, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and TEMs (Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturers) to quickly go to market with carrier-class WiMAX solutions based on open-standards ATCA and MicroTCA architecture.

Service providers, OEMs, and TEMs can deploy WiMAX applications by utilizing the Intel NetStructure(R) WiMAX Baseband Card. The Intel(R) building block is a standards-based solution with an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows for quicker and more efficient development. Customers can also minimize system integration and development costs by leveraging Alliance’s fully-integrated WiMAX solutions. And Alliance’s WiMAX solutions enable customers to upgrade to mobile wireless capability in 2007 while maintaining the same hardware.

With the Intel NetStructure WiMAX Baseband Card, Alliance’s WiMAX solution enables customers to focus purely on application development – programming directly to API and eliminating any component-level programming. Many developers would spend months and years developing the hardware and software that is already available today from Alliance Systems.

Alliance Systems WiMAX base stations consist of platforms that range from 1U or 3U MicroTCA to fully-redundant 5U to 14U ATCA systems, offering high-density broadband subscriber support. To build out these fully-integrated WiMAX ATCA and MicroTCA solutions, Alliance Systems base stations include the Intel NetStructure WiMAX Baseband Card, along with single board computers (SBCs) and Chassis Management Modules (CMMs) from Intel, integrated software and best-of-breed hardware and software technologies including real-time carrier-class operating system, in-memory database, and middleware failover software. Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI) compliant and certified to interoperate with Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 5116 broadband interface, Alliance WiMAX solutions are the best choice for immediate wireless broadband operation.

Systems can be developed for full redundancy or for best value, depending on the service provider’s wireless topology. ATCA hardware can be configured for high availability, whereas MicroTCA hardware can be minimally configured for best value WiMAX solution. Depending on the customer’s need, Alliance Systems has the right solution.

About Alliance Systems
Alliance Systems provides premier communications solutions to TEMs, OEMs, ISVs, and application developers that require engineering, manufacturing, global logistics, and enhanced support services. Alliance Systems helps customers optimize their businesses by enhancing profitability and reducing time to market. Today, Alliance focuses on delivering open-standards servers to OEMs, TEMs, ISVs, and service providers throughout the world. As an Intel(R) Communications Alliance Affiliate and through strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Cisco, and HP, the company provides a full range of products and services that are specifically designed to meet today’s mission-critical communications applications. Alliance Systems’ head office is located in Plano, Texas, USA with European Headquarters in Bad Homburg, Germany and logistics locations in The Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, and the Philippines.

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