Siemens and Wavesat Team for WiMAX Forum Certified Solutions

Wavesat, a leading supplier of WiMAX chipsets, software and development tools and the Microwave Networks Division of Siemens jointly announced they are collaborating on WiMAX Forum Certified(TM) solutions based on IEEE 802.16-2004 standard and in compliance with WiMAX Forum interoperability profiles and have achieved successful interoperability.

The two companies are jointly conducting interoperability between Siemens WayMAX@vantage base station and customer premises equipment based on Wavesat’s WiMAX 3.5 GHz Mini-PCI design and DM256 chipset, and can now offer to the market WiMAX FORUM Certified solutions.

“The results achieved with our WayMAX@vantage base station and Wavesat based subscriber stations allow an important product evolution as they guarantee the WiMAX full interoperability of WayMAX@vantage base station with multivendor subscriber stations,” said Marcello Salerno, CTO of Siemens Microwave Networks Division Italy . “These results confirm Siemens Microwave as front runner in WiMAX technology.”

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with a market leader such as Siemens on WiMAX solutions,” said Wavesat CEO and President, Michel Guay. “The Microwave Networks Division of Siemens has been at the forefront of WiMAX development and our interop testing has been a great success. This first step lays the foundation for a long and successful collaboration and we look forward to successful deployments of Wavesat based subscriber stations with Siemens.”

Global WiMAX infrastructure spending will rocket from $655m today to $7.36bn by 2009, just three short years away, according to a report from Rethink Research, entitled ‘WiMAX Global Spending Plans: 2006 – 2009′. WiMAX spending will go from 22.5% of all broadband wireless spend in 2006 to be the dominant platform in the market, with a 63% share.

Wavesat WiMAX Portfolio
Wavesat is the first company to have received WiMAX Forum certification for its CPE Design earlier this year. Wavesat’s award-winning WiMAX product portfolio is a complete and cost-effective solution supporting all the necessary features to design base stations and subscriber units for both licensed and license-exempt radio frequencies. It consists of a full-range of standard-based integrated circuits, software and development platforms supporting WiMAX 802.16-2004 certification and designed for upgradeability for basic mobility. Featuring the industry’s only WiMAX Mini-PCI card and chosen by ODMs and OEMs worldwide, Wavesat’s WiMAX portfolio solution provides effective wireless connectivity for a wide range of network sizes and coverage from urban to rural applications.

Wavesat provides solutions for each WiMAX market segment:

  • Access points and backhaul to DSL extension using 802.16-2004 Fixed OFDM solutions
  • High-speed connectivity for laptop mobility with 802.16e OFDM Evolutive(TM) products
  • Full mobility with the upcoming 802.16e sOFDMA UMobile(TM) product portfolio for WiBro/WiMAX applications

About the Microwave Networks Division of Siemens
Microwave Networks is one Business Unit of Siemens Com Carrier Networks. Headquartered in Milan (Italy), with around 1,000 employees and more than 40 years of experience in network design and integration, it carries on a long story of success that make Siemens the best partner in Microwave world. Some impressive figures of Microwave concern the worldwide presence, more than 400,000 transceivers sold in about 100 countries, focusing on Export Market and diversified customer profile among Mobile Operators, Fixed Operators and Non Telecom customers (Military, Broadcasting, etc.). The Siemens Microwave portfolio ensures a comprehensive range of solutions for all network applications.

About Wavesat
Wavesat is a privately held fabless semiconductor company developing WiMAX chipsets, software and reference designs, enabling OEMs and ODMs to be first to market with high performance and cost effective WiMAX compliant solutions. Wavesat provides solutions for each WiMAX market segment: from backhaul to DSL extension with 802.16-2004 Fixed OFDM solutions; to high speed connectivity for laptop mobility with 802.16e OFDM Evolutive(TM) products; to full mobility with the upcoming 802.16e sOFDMA UMobile(TM) product portfolio for WiBro/WiMAX applications.