Innovative Debuts Second-Generation FlexFire ISI-736 FireWire IP

Innovative Semiconductors(R) Inc. (Innovative), the premier supplier of IP PHY and controller logic, today announced the availability of its second-generation FlexFire(TM) ISI-736 Cable PHY supporting the IEEE 1394 standard. The FlexFire ISI-736 meets the growing demand for 1394-based IP by SoC designers targeting the market for DVD, DTV, camcorders, STB and other high-performance consumer electronics products. The mixed-signal, single channel configuration of the FlexFire ISI-736 Cable PHY is optimized for performance and conserves silicon real estate with its low-power, low-gate-count design. Integrating this new FlexFire PHY with the Link layer and supporting software — available from Innovative — provides the SoC designers with a complete 1394 IP solution backed by comprehensive service and support.

Innovative was the first company to introduce a 1394 PHY IP core, and one of the first third-party IP Companies to develop and market a mixed-signal PHY IP in 1997. This second-generation FlexFire ISI-736 continues to build on these innovations with a timely IP product that meets the universal demand for IEEE 1394 connectivity in consumer electronics and computing products.

“Our introduction of the new FlexFire ISI-736 is perfectly timed for the resurgence of interest in the IEEE 1394 standard as a high-performance, high-reliability standard for DVDs, DTV, camcorders and set-top boxes,” said Nabil Takla, president and CEO of Innovative Semiconductor. “With the FlexFire ISI-736, we have streamlined our silicon proven 1394-based PHY IP technology to deliver the industry’s most space-efficient, low-power, and low-cost 1394 IP PHY available.”

Innovative IP cores allow SoC designers to quickly provide consumer electronics and PC products that offer the performance, reliability and seamless connectivity of IEEE 1394. The demand for 1394 technology is continuing to increase as indicated by the recent FCC mandate for IEEE 1394 in high-end set-top boxes for cable, and the High-Definition Audio Video Networking Alliance (HANA) endorsement for 1394 as a medium for high-definition content.

According to a July report from InStat, the overall worldwide market for 1394-enabled devices will grow from 115.8 million units in 2005 to 219.9 million in 2010. The rapid adoption of FireWire will enable consumers to experience unprecedented levels of interoperability and performance when sharing and enjoying content among many devices.

“IEEE 1394 is establishing itself as a primary connectivity solution of choice for high-performance digital consumer electronics,” said Brian O’Rourke a senior analyst at In-Stat. “With 1394b support coming in Vista, the ability to connect PCs, camcorders, DVD recorders, set-top boxes and other devices with a single standard is much closer to reality.”

The Innovative FlexFire Architecture
Innovative Semiconductors’ FlexFire architecture is based on a set of parameterized building blocks that can be quickly and easily configured to support a wide range of 1394 applications. The FlexFire 1394 core family includes general purpose and application-specific cores for both Link Layer and PHY Layer controllers. FlexFire offers the fastest and most reliable way to incorporate 1394 capabilities into products such as digital cameras, audio/video devices, disk controllers, and other PC peripherals. Its efficient core design reduces gate count and lowers manufacturing costs, making it the ideal solution for leveraging the universal compatibility of IEEE 1394 for a wide range of devices.

The FlexFire ISI-736 IP is available now together with a complete solution, including the Link layer and supporting software, and is backed by comprehensive service and support. For pricing and details contact

About Innovative Semiconductors
Innovative is a leading supplier for fully compliant and certified USB 2.0 (device, host and OTG), IEEE-1394 PHY and Link Controllers, and Video Compression technologies. Innovative’s devices are utilized in a variety of applications including PCs, PC peripherals, Internet appliances, set top boxes and satellites. Licensed clients include a wide array of high-tech companies, including Agilent, Conexant, Creative Technology, eSilicon, Evans & Sutherland, Freescale (launched by Motorola), Frontier Silicon, Honeywell, IBM, Infineon, LSI Logic, Mentor Graphics, Micron, Mitel, Motorola, NASA, National Semiconductor, NVIDIA, OKI, S3, Samsung, Siemens, ST, Trident Microsystems, Tvia and Ubicom.