MontaVista Supports Freescale MPC8641D Dual Core Processor

MontaVista Software, Inc., the leading embedded Linux provider for the telecommunications, mobile, and embedded markets, today announced its support for Freescale Semiconductor’s MPC8641D Dual Core Processor, built on Power Architecture(TM) technology. The collaborative effort by MontaVista and Freescale provides developers with higher compute density, enhanced system performance, reduced cost and accelerated time-to-market.

MontaVista has provided support for many different Freescale processor platforms in 2006, helping to remove the complexity associated with developing a software solution on multicore silicon systems, enhancing performance benefits of multicore hardware components, while allowing customers to significantly reduce development cost and time-to-market.

“MontaVista Linux Professional Edition is the premiere Linux embedded operating system and cross development environment to support Freescale’s multicore development architecture,” said James Ready, CTO, MontaVista Software. “MontaVista has the building blocks for advanced multicore development and debugging capabilities for telecommunications, networking, aerospace and defense, and many other industries.”

“We are pleased that MontaVista has reached yet another milestone in its longstanding support for Freescale’s world class silicon,” said Jeff Timbs, marketing director, Digital Systems Division, Freescale Semiconductor. “MontaVista and Freescale continue to deliver powerful commercial-grade, end-to-end solutions that enable companies to develop, run and manage device software efficiently and at low overall cost.”

MontaVista Linux Professional Edition is an award-winning product that contains an impressive array of cross-development tools to meet the needs of developers implementing Freescale’s MPC8641D-based designs. Software optimization for multicore devices requires a different design point with regard to application interaction, performance, and concurrency. As device manufacturers implement their initial multicore designs, optimized solutions can reduce time spent in prototyping and debugging, enabling faster time-to-market development.

MontaVista provides the experience and intellectual property for developers working with processors based on Power Architecture technology cores, and around symmetric multi-processing to provide highly-scalable solutions for the open source community. MontaVista and Freescale provide complete end-to-end multicore solutions for faster time-to-market development of integrated solutions, with little risk, higher performance, and lower latency to memory.

“While MontaVista has collaborated with Freescale to provide this first phase of development for the MPC8641D Dual Core Processor, we are laying the groundwork for future speed-to-market development on other dual processor platforms such as the MPC8572 Dual Core Processor,” added Ready. “MontaVista Software makes it fast and easy to deploy Linux software using Power Architecture technology.”

In addition to the MPC8641D, MontaVista has provided Linux support packages (LSPs) for several other Freescale components containing Power Architecture technology – more than a dozen in 2006 – including Freescale MPC8540ADS, MPC8548CDS, MPC8349MDS, and MPC8560ADS. The MPC8641D Processor contains two high-performance e600 cores unified in a system-on-chip architecture that combines high-speed interconnects, such as Serial RapidIO(TM) interconnect technology, Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express.

MontaVista will be demonstrating its software technology during the Freescale Technology Forum Europe in Paris on October 10 and 11. MontaVista Software is a global sponsor of the Freescale Technology Forum.

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