Wintegra Utilizes MMAV Verification for WinPath2 Access Processors

Denali Software, Inc., a world-leading provider of electronic design automation (EDA) software and intellectual property (IP), today announced that Wintegra(TM), a leading provider of access processing semiconductors, utilized its MMAV(TM) verification intellectual property (VIP) software for their next generation of WinPath2 family of devices.

Wintegra used MMAV within its design flow for modeling and simulating the interactions between its WinPath chips and external memory devices for design verification and performance analysis.

This new WinPath2 family of devices extends Wintegra’s performance and integration while leveraging their broad portfolio of production-ready software supplied with the devices.

MMAV enhances verification by enabling designers to observe and operate on system-level data transactions during simulation, which optimizes design simulation and accelerates the overall verification process.

“Wintegra customers are faced with challenging design specifications for today’s programmable multi-protocol networking solutions and in the Service Provider access equipment market,” Yoram Yeivin, Vice President of Engineering at Wintegra. “Utilizing Denali’s MMAV we were able to accelerate our time-to-market by verifying our DDR memory system quickly and deliver high-quality WinPath2 processors.”

“Denali understands Wintegra’s needs to provide a robust, high-performance solution to meet the specific requirements of the networking equipment market,” said David Lin, Vice President of IP Products at Denali. “By providing Wintegra with memory system verification software, we are helping them continue to meet their rigorous standards for quality and performance.”

About Denali Verification IP
Denali’s verification IP products provide a comprehensive solution for verifying functionality, compliance, and interoperability of all features and functionality of key interfaces, at the pre-silicon stage of chip or IP core development. Denali verification IP includes configurable bus functional models (BFMs), protocol monitors, and complete assertion libraries for all elements of the interface standards.

Denali’s PureSpec and MMAV verification IP speeds deployment for all key interfaces, including DRAM, Flash, PCI Express, AMBA, USB, Ethernet, CE-ATA, and Serial ATA as well as provide seamless integration with all EDA tools and methodologies.

About Denali Software
Denali Software, Inc. is a world-leading provider of electronic design automation (EDA) software and intellectual property (IP) for system-on-chip (SoC) design and verification. Denali delivers the industry’s most trusted solutions for deploying PCI Express, NAND and DRAM subsystems. Developers use Denali’s EDA, IP and services to reduce risk and speed time-to-market for electronic system and chip design. Denali is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and has offices around the world to serve the global electronics industry.

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