Wavesat, RF Magic Deliver WiMAX Mini-PCI Module for Under $100

RF Magic, a fabless semiconductor company at the forefront of highly integrated broadband radio frequency (RF) integrated circuits (IC) and Wavesat, a leading supplier of WiMAX chipsets, software and development tools, announced today that the two companies have partnered to deliver a cost-effective WiMAX mini-PCI module. With a bill of materials under $100, the module has been developed to provide original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and original device manufacturers (ODM) with a quickly deployable WiMAX CPE. The Mini-PCI is available now for volume delivery.

The Mini-PCI design includes Wavesat’s DM256 baseband chipset, interfaces, all external filters and components and software in conjunction with RF Magic’s Magic Max(TM) chipset. The Magic Max super-het multi-band transceiver chipset features multiple VCOs, LNAs and amplifiers on single transmit (RF2000) and receive (RF3000) ICs. The chipset covers all Fixed Service and Unlicensed bands between 2.0 GHz and 3.8 GHz for WiMax and proprietary fixed Broadband Wireless Access modems.

“Delivering this new module with Wavesat is the next logical step for both of our companies,” stated Gordon Schenk, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at RF Magic. “We have very complimentary technologies that combine to deliver a completely integrated, high quality reference design for our customers. We have experienced a great deal of interest in our WiMax products in the last 12 months and now coupled with Wavesat’s digital and system expertise, both companies are well positioned to capitalize on the continued momentum that this market is experiencing.”

Frank Draper, VP Strategic Development for Wavesat commented, “RF Magic’s unique RF and digital communications systems experience combined with RF silicon design expertise gives them the unique capacity to develop highly advanced ICs for cost-effective integration into high-volume consumer platforms. We are delighted to cooperate with RF Magic to offer our customers an advanced, cost-effective WiMAX Mini-PCI module.”

Wavesat’s WiMAX Mini-PCI Module
Provides a plug-and-play, complete solution for the lower layer air interface and time critical low-level MAC functionality.

  • WiMAX Forum certifiable design for CPE
  • Mini-PCI design enabling compact, easy-to-use solutions
  • Meets all six SUI Non Line of Sight channel models
  • Adaptive modulation BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM & 64-QAM
  • 3.5 GHz RF interface
  • 37.5 Mbps data throughput
  • Supports TDD and HFDD
  • 3.5 MHz and 7 MHz channel bandwidth

About RF Magic, Inc.
RF Magic, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company on the forefront of designing complex, highly integrated broadband radio frequency (RF) systems on a chip integrated circuits targeting high volume, high growth consumer markets, including consumer broadband and digital broadcast entertainment. RF Magic applies RF integrated circuit (IC) design, broadband RF systems, and digital communications systems expertise to the development of a diversified portfolio of patented RFIC solutions. The company is headquartered in San Diego, CA with an additional design center in Nice, France. RF Magic, RF Systems and the RF Magic logo are trademarks of RF Magic, Inc.

About Wavesat
Wavesat is a privately held fabless semiconductor company developing WiMAX chipsets, software and reference designs, enabling OEMs and ODMs to be first to market with high performance and cost effective WiMAX compliant solutions. Wavesat provides solutions for each WiMAX market segment: from backhaul to DSL extension with 802.16-2004 Fixed OFDM solutions; to high speed connectivity for laptop mobility with 802.16e OFDM Evolutive(TM) products; to full mobility with the upcoming 802.16e sOFDMA UMobile(TM) product portfolio for WiBro/WiMAX applications.