TimeSys Unveils LinuxLink Subscriptions for Atmel Microcontroller

TimeSys Corporation, the leading developer service provider for the embedded Linux market, today announced the availability of LinuxLink subscriptions for the Atmel(R) AT91SAM9260 microcontroller. LinuxLink by TimeSys is the first commercial offering to support the majority of embedded developers who build and assemble their own commercial-grade custom Linux platforms. By delivering on-demand access to continuously updated processor-optimized Linux packages, components and tools, engineers benefit from a rich development environment and community support.

The introduction of LinuxLink subscriptions for the AT91SAM9260 underlines the strength of the partnership between TimeSys and Atmel. In May 2006, the companies announced that Atmel has chosen LinuxLink by TimeSys as the primary Linux distribution mechanism for their new ARM(R)-based processors. LinuxLinks are already available for the AT91RM9200 and AT91SAM9261 microcontrollers.

Through this partnership, customers for Atmel devices will receive a one-month LinuxLink subscription, free of charge, providing an out-of-the box starting point for Linux development.

The combination of features available exclusively through LinuxLink provides subscribers with ongoing access to the most up-to-date embedded Linux resource for Atmel microcontrollers throughout every stage of development. Subscribers can choose among multiple LinuxLink subscription options for the level of functionality that matches their needs. Features of the AT91SAM9260 LinuxLink include:

  • A special reference distribution that enhances performance and provides an excellent starting point for building a customized distribution.
  • Kernel patches from Atmel and TimeSys to enable additional functionality on the AT91SAM9260 reference board.
  • Access to a repository of hundreds of source and binary cross-compiled packages.
  • An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed to make embedded Linux development easier.
  • Testing and profiling tools to streamline development processes.
  • An online environment that allows development teams to collaboratively design and build their distribution.
  • Weekly alerts to notify customers of new content and resources.
  • Access through the TimeSys Developer Exchange to extensive resources and interactive support from TimeSys, Atmel and the Open Source community.

“The LinuxLink port for the AT91SAM9260 is a milestone in the on-going partnership between Atmel and TimeSys that aims to provide our mutual customers with world-class Linux support,” said Alfredo Vadillo, Atmel’s Director for ARM-based Products. “LinuxLink reduces development times and cost, and the large number of associated qualified code modules lowers risk. These are critical factors in the competitiveness of our customers.”

“We’ve had a great response to our existing Atmel LinuxLinks and look forward to supporting developers working with the AT91SAM9260,” said Larry Weidman, CEO of Timesys. “Customers will have access to the tools, content, and support they need for successful development projects.”

About the Atmel AT91SAM9260
The AT91SAM9260 is the first member of a pin-compatible ARM9(TM)-based microcontroller family that shares the same programming model as ARM7(TM) based controllers, allowing direct migration between controllers based on different ARM cores. Integrating a 200 MIPS ARM926EJ-S(R) core, the AT91SAM9260 supports deterministic, real-time operation, offers supervisory functions, and has third-party RTOS support comparable to those of 8-bit controllers. It has been developed for highly connected image processing applications, such as point-of-sale terminals, Ethernet-based IP cameras, and bar code readers.

About the LinuxLink Subscription for the Atmel AT91SAM9260
LinuxLink subscriptions for the Atmel AT91SAM9260 are available now.

About TimeSys Corporation
TimeSys is the leading developer service provider for the embedded Linux market, delivering LinuxLink subscriptions that empower developers to rapidly and efficiently create their own commercial-grade custom Linux platform. The continuously updated cross-compiled components, information and systems offered through LinuxLink subscriptions are aggregated from the open source community, semiconductor manufacturers and TimeSys and hosted in the TimeSys Network.