Strategic Test Debuts Arbitrary Waveform Generator Cards with 4 GigaSamples

Strategic Test Corp. has released two new 8-bit resolution Arbitrary Waveform Generator cards with up to 4 GigaSamples onboard memory. The UF2-6110 has two synchronous 125 MS/s output channels, while the UF2-6111 offers four channels on a single PCI card. Both cards are supplied with 64 MegaSamples of signal memory standard, but can be increased to 4 GigaSamples using a proprietary DIMM module on the card.

The cards are well suited for RADAR and I&Q signal generation. The Multiple Reply option allows a series of high speed waveforms to be generated with automatic re-arming of the trigger by hardware to ensure a high Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF). The choice of 2 or 4 synchronous channels per card enables matching I&Q generation without requiring the expense of a second card.

Each channel contains a 125 MS/s 8-bit DAC and three Butterworth reconstruction filters with bandwidths of 25 MHz, 5 MHz or 500 kHz. A ‘no-filter’ setting can also be selected. Measured dynamic specifications include: SNR > 60.9 db, THD < 69.1 dB and SFDR > 71.9 dB. The crosstalk between channels is < – 80 dB. The maximum output range is +/-3V, although this can be boosted to +/-10 V using the optional 1, 2 or 4 channel PCI amplifier card.

The cards employ a 66 MHz / 32 bit PCI-X interface that can stream data continuously from the host-PC at rates up to 225 MSamples/s. Long duration signals can be generated at lower output rates. The PCI-X connector is also compatible with the traditional 33 MHz / 32 bit slots, however the data transfer rate is reduced to approximately 100 MSamples/s.

Drivers for Microsoft Windows XP64, XP, 2000 and Linux (2.4 and 2.6 kernels) are included with free downloads of future OS version drivers such as Windows Vista. Drivers for MATLAB, LabVIEW, VEE, DASYLab and LabWindows/CVI are available as options.

The Ultrafast UF2-6100 cards are available immediately and have the following pricing: 2 channels (UF2-6110 3210 Euro) and 4 channels (UF2-6111 4800 Euro). Volume discounts and OEM customization prices are available on request.

About Strategic Test
With a product range of more than 150 high-speed Digitizer, Arbitrary Waveform Generator and high-speed Digital I/O PCI, 3U PXI and 6U CompactPCI cards, Strategic Test Corporation is one of the leading suppliers of high-speed PC-based instruments. The UltraFast cards are designed at the R&D facility in northern Germany and distributed through our offices in Woburn (MA) and Stockholm (Sweden).

The first high-speed measurement card for PC’s was designed in 1989. All of the current range cards have been developed since 2002. The UF2 series based on the PCI-X 66 MHz/32-bit PCI bus is the latest generation and sets new standards in onboard memory size and user flexibility. Strategic Test’s clients include global electronics, semiconductor, defense, telecommunications and medical instrument companies, government funded research labs and universities in five continents.