Technosoft Takes Control with ISM4803 Universal Drive with CAN Bus

The new generation of Technosoft ISM4803 Universal Drive can control several axes in a master-slave structure through its integrated CAN bus (operating at speeds of up to 1Mb/s).

Based on the MotionChip(TM) DSP Control Technology the drive covers all applications for AC, DC brushless, DC brush, linear and step motors up to 150 W (48 V, 3 A).

Technosoft ISM4803 Universal Drive with integrated CAN bus

Manufactured of ROHS compliant materials, ISM4803 is designed to embed motion control, drive and PLC functionalities in a single open frame unit (size: 64 x 104 x 16 mm, card format).

Complex movement sequences can be programmed directly on the drive and control functions can be handled from the supervising PC, thanks to its embedded controller. The drive is programmable in the EasyMotion Studio software platform, with Technosoft Motion Language (TML) and graphical tools, in stand-alone or multi-axis configurations. Motion programming can also be done via a PC host using motion libraries (C, VB, Delphi, Labview) or a PLC using PLCopen libraries.

ISM4803 offers various motion modes like velocity profile, position profile, homing and interpolated position, electronic camming and gearing, with the option of adding a second motion mode. Accepted sensors are tacho generators, incremental encoders, digital or linear Halls.

Besides CAN bus, the ISM4803 communication options include RS-232 and Ethernet through an external Ethernet / RS-232 Adapter. This multi-channel architecture allows for a network of field devices using CAN to work simultaneously with a supervisory host using RS-232 or Ethernet. The drive is ideally suited for systems with distributed motor control intelligence, packaging equipment, printing, textile, automotive, pick and place or factory automation applications.

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