Toyota Drives Intelligent Transport System to ITS World Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced today that it will exhibit its latest ITS (Intelligent Transport System) technologies at the 13th ITS World Congress and Exhibition to be held from October 8 to 12 in London, United Kingdom (organized by ERTICO *1). Under the theme “Drive ITS Dreams”, TMC will present, in an easy-to-understand way, its ITS activities in the areas of “Safety”, “Environment” and “Comfort”.

TMC’s exhibit will include a Lexus LS460 prestige luxury sedan equipped with – among other TMC initiatives in autonomous vehicular systems that use various onboard sensors and information communications technology – the latest version of TMC’s Pre-crash Safety System, which features a driver-monitoring camera, millimeter-wave radar and a stereo camera fusion system. Videos will explain the development status of promising vehicle-infrastructure cooperative systems that support safe driving practices by using wireless communication technology to gather information (via devices employed throughout the road infrastructure, such as along roads, in other vehicles and carried by pedestrians, etc.) about traffic events beyond the view of the driver. Panel displays will clearly outline ITS technologies needed for both such autonomous vehicular systems and vehicle-infrastructure cooperative systems.

Outdoors, congress participants will be able to experience TMC’s newest Intelligent Parking Assist system, featuring the world’s first (*2) commercial application of ultrasonic sensors (newly developed by TMC) to estimate the physical dimensions of a vacant parking space. The system is designed to support drivers in parallel and adjacent back-up parking maneuvers.

TMC has long and actively promoted – through ITS – advanced-function automobiles and high-level transport systems and has participated in the ITS World Congress since its inception, displaying its latest ITS technology.

The World Congress on ITS is the world’s largest and most influential ITS-related international conference; it is held every year in rotation in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and the Americas. ITS-related groups (government and research bodies and commercial enterprises) from a wide range of countries and regions use sessions (centered on research papers), exhibitions and technical tours to present and display the latest in ITS research findings and products.

*1 European Road Transport Telematics Implementation Coordination Organization
*2 As of the end of September 2006, according to a TMC survey

About Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota Motor Corporation (TSE: 7203; NYSE: TM), established in 1937, is one of the world’s representative automobile manufacturers, producing vehicles in 26 countries and regions and marketing vehicles in more than 170 countries and regions. In fiscal 2006, Toyota provided nearly eight million vehicles on a consolidated basis to customers around the world under the Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino brands. Toyota had more than 280,000 employees at the end of fiscal 2006. The company is headquartered in Aichi, Japan.