TechnoConcepts Files Patent for Reducing Power in Wireless Devices

TechnoConcepts Inc. (OTCBB:TCPS) today announced that it has filed a provisional patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a new method to reduce power in high-speed digital wireless devices. The “Low Power, Low Voltage, Digitally Trim-able Active Back-termination LVDS driver” is a Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS), low noise, low power, low amplitude circuit for high-speed (gigabits per second) data transmission. The Company anticipates that this invention can be used in the digital interface circuits of many high speed semiconductors, including digital wireless receivers and transmitters.

“High speed digital devices often consume too much power, reducing the battery life in mobile devices. This invention will enable us to reduce power consumption in our wireless receiver and transmitter chips for cell phones, laptop computers, PDAs and other mobile devices,” said Ronald Hickling, Chief Technology Officer of TechnoConcepts.

Antonio Turgeon, CEO and Chairman of TechnoConcepts, said: “An analogy to this invention is the concept of building a new highly efficient interchange that provides a more energy efficient way of moving vehicles between freeway thoroughfares. Just as adding lanes to an interchange enables cars to pass from one freeway to another without gas-guzzling starts-and-stops, so too this new invention enables data to flow between electronic components, using less power As our new senior staff have become familiar with our technology, they have discovered new approaches to improve performance and reduce power. This provisional patent application underscores the creativity of our talented engineering team, and our intellectual property portfolio continues to expand. We expect that this invention can also be licensed for implementation in other high speed digital devices requiring a low-power interface, providing the Company with an additional ongoing source of licensing revenue.”

This invention will become an integral part of TechnoConcepts’ True Software Radio(TM), a wireless transmitter/receiver chip technology that operates continuously across different frequency bands, controlled entirely by software. As part of the commercialization process, the Company is currently conducting parametric characterization of its first chips designed for base station applications. Completion of the characterization process is expected in October 2006. The Company anticipates then having a preliminary specification sheet that will serve as the baseline for its initial production run, targeted for the first quarter of the 2007 calendar year. The Company believes True Software Radio(TM) will provide cost-effective interoperability, global roaming and universal connectivity for wireless communications.

About TechnoConcepts
TechnoConcepts (OTCBB:TCPS) designs, develops and markets semiconductors for wireless communications. The Company has developed and patented True Software Radio(TM), a proprietary technology that creates convergence for the wireless industry. True Software Radio(TM) chipsets are designed to enable cell phones, PDAs, laptops, and other mobile devices with different radio frequencies, standards, and protocols to adjust by software command so that they can communicate directly with each other, across otherwise incompatible networks, without multiple radios. True Software Radio(TM) chipsets replace the front end, I/F processing, ADC, and digital filtering sections of digital radios. Because the technology simplifies design and reduces component costs, the Company believes that True Software Radio(TM) is an ideal platform for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) to develop new wireless broadband, mobile data, cellular, and other next-generation wireless applications.