Xilinx Offers ESL for FPGA Workshop

Xilinx, Inc. (Nasdaq: XLNX) today announced the first ever ESL for FPGA workshop to be held in San Jose, Calif., on November 6, 2006. The event will provide an opportunity for the design community to experience first hand the value and immediate benefits of the emerging electronic system-level (ESL) methodologies as they apply to field programmable gate array (FPGA) design.

The workshop, to be held at the Hilton Hotel in downtown San Jose, is being jointly hosted by Xilinx and seven participating members of the Xilinx ESL Initiative: Celoxica, CebaTech, Codetronix, CriticalBlue, Impulse Accelerated Technologies, Poseidon Design Systems and Teja Technologies. The program will feature seven different training tracks and a hands-on, lab-based learning format in which attendees will take real-world design applications from a high-level description to an FPGA implementation. For more details and to register, please go online.

“There is a wealth of new system-level tools and methodologies available today,” said Steve Lass, senior director of Software Product Marketing at Xilinx. “This industry-first training event provides an excellent opportunity for FPGA users to experience them first-hand and learn how ESL tools can address their design challenges through the application of best practices.”

“This is a ‘must attend’ event for both system-level hardware designers and software programmers who want a fast track to exploiting the benefits of ESL design for FPGA,” said Jeff Jussel, vice president of worldwide marketing for Celoxica. “Attendees will get hands-on experience and learn how to quickly generate low-level digital circuits from high-level system and algorithmic descriptions. Proven in real FPGA designs, the capabilities of today’s ESL tools enable cost and risk reduction, faster time-to-market and an overall more responsive design methodology.”

ESL Initiative Update
The ESL for FPGA workshop is the latest in a series of activities under the charter of the Xilinx ESL Initiative. In July, Xilinx published an ESL-themed edition of its Xcell Journal, the industry’s authoritative publication for programmable logic users worldwide, titled “ESL Expands the Reach of FPGAs.” Xcell Journal Issue 58 includes 17 articles contributed by Xilinx and its partners with a guest commentary by FPGA Journal editor Kevin Morris. The magazine gives system-level designers a comprehensive view on the current state of the technology and the impressive advances that have been made in this critically important area of electronic design.

The Xilinx ESL Initiative has attracted wide interest from tool providers. Since its launch in March this year, five new members have joined the program to bring the total participation to 14 companies. The new members are AutoESL, Binachip, Cebatech, Codetronix, Mimosys, and Mirabilis Design. The ESL initiative members offer a wide spectrum of innovative and leading-edge tools that provide users with unprecedented flexibility and productivity.

ESL is an emerging design methodology that allows designers to work at higher levels of abstraction than typically supported by register transfer-level (RTL) and gate-level hardware descriptions. Its growth has been driven by the continuing complexity of IC design, including the use of third- party intellectual property (IP) blocks and embedded cores, which has made RTL and gate-level methods less efficient. The proliferation of FPGA-based ESL tools and methodologies will make it easier for designers to leverage programmable devices for critical system applications such as algorithm acceleration, high-performance computing, high-speed packet processing, and rapid prototyping.

About Xilinx ESL Initiative
The Xilinx ESL Initiative is a multi-faceted program aimed at proliferating high-level design methodologies and tool flows for FPGAs. The goal is to make it easier for hardware designers and software programmers to leverage Xilinx programmable devices for their next generation systems. Xilinx and participating companies are focused on improving ease of use, quality of results and interoperability standards through technical collaboration, cooperative marketing and joint educational activities.

About Xilinx
Xilinx is the worldwide leader in complete programmable logic solutions.