Loterie Nationale Rolls Out Comtech Jackpot Communicator

Loterie Nationale, the operator of Luxembourg’s National Lottery and Comtech M2M, a leading Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solution provider, today announced the deployment of the Comtech jackpot communicators (“JPCs”) across Loterie Nationale’s full network of lottery retailers.

The units were installed at the retailers of Loterie Nationale to promote both the Euro Millions game as well as the Lotto game. The units display jackpot levels for Lotto and Euro Millions in real time and increase the brand awareness with customers. The system has allowed Loterie Nationale to reduce its costs in sending out expensive paper posters and has allowed them to communicate directly with their customers at the point of purchase in delivering accurate jackpot amounts without having to rely on the retailer.

The JPCs are designed to be “plug and play” for easy installation. The system is managed centrally, and the information on jackpot levels is then automatically delivered to the displays over the wireless network. In addition to improved speed and accuracy of communication, the JPC allows retailers to spend less time on PoS administration (thereby further improving operational efficiency).The system has allowed Loterie Nationale to control the system from its head office. The reduced costs contribute to a significant return on investment.

Steve Whitehead, Technical Director at Comtech Holdings Limited said: “We worked closely with Loterie Nationale to offer a robust technological solution, and to ensure the brand labelling of the displays offered clarity to the customers. The close working relationship helped us to deliver a compelling return on investment.”

José da Costa, Marketing Manager, Loterie Nationale said “The introduction of the Comtech Jackpot Communicator has helped us in managing the weekly Euro Millions and bi-weekly Lotto jackpot updates in a very quick and efficient way. The shift from a paper to a wireless solution has delighted not only the Loterie Nationale but also the retailers and the customers with up-to-date information. Comtech’s solution is one less headache for our sales team.”

About Comtech M2M
Comtech M2M., Bolton, UK, is a communications company for remote assets and equipment. The firm delivers robust and reliable solutions that “bridge the gap” to companies’ IT systems and business processes, which enable decisions to be made based on real-time information. Comtech’s intelligent communication solutions include fixed and wireless devices, web-based management software and services that are complementary to “machine” applications for remote access, monitoring, alarming and enterprise integration. Reduce costs, increase revenues and improve customer service through a rapid deployment solution. Comtech’s solutions are suited to many diverse markets with complete solutions available for the Wireless Display Messaging market.

About Loterie Nationale
Loterie Nationale is Luxembourg’s National Lottery operator with several products; Euro Millions, Lotto, Zubito, Scratch Tickets and Wincard. 100% of all Loterie Nationale’s profits are being transferred to beneficiaries of sports, culture, welfare and health. Since its establishment in 1945, it has transferred more than 200.000.000 euro to its beneficiaries.