ST Unveils ARM7 Microcontrollers with Full-spec Operation at 3.3V, 5V

STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM) has extended its popular STR7 range of 32-bit microcontrollers based on the ARM7TDMI-S(TM) core with the introduction of the super-integrated STR750F family. The first general-purpose ARM7 Flash microcontrollers to support full-spec operation at both 3.3V and 5V, the new family delivers 54 MIPS (at 60MHz) performance while providing outstanding low power modes down to 12 micro A in STOP or 10 micro A in STANDBY modes, making it ideal for battery-operated applications. The ability to operate from either 3.3V or 5V gives maximum flexibility in electrically noisy environments without additional costs.

The rich peripheral set of the STR7 range is further enhanced in the STR750 family by innovative new features including a backup clock that starts operating if the main clock fails; a fast startup capability that allows the device to begin executing code in only 55 micro s instead of the 1ms typically required for devices using a quartz crystal; an Automatic Wake Up (AWU) capability that removes the need for external signals or components to wake up from low power STOP or STANDBY modes; and three flexible and powerful 16-bit timers and a PWM timer that includes 3-phase motor control features that simplify the implementation of complex motor control including vector control drive applications. Serial communications include up to three high-speed (2Mb/s) UARTs with support for the LIN protocol, and a serial memory interface for glueless connection to an external serial Flash memory. Moreover, the STR750 family also includes new mechanisms to allow bit manipulation and masks to protect I/O pins.

“The new STR750F reflects ST’s deep expertise in integrating ARM cores into both System-on-Chip solutions and standard microcontroller products, as well as our rich IP portfolio,” said Jim Nicholas, General Manager of ST’s Microcontroller Division. “As a result, the STR750F family offers an unprecedented combination of integration, performance and low power consumption in the 32-bit embedded MCU market.”

The initial family comprises some 30 different derivatives, with from 64K up to 256KB of Flash plus an additional 16K bank of Read-While-Write Flash for EEPROM emulation. The embedded Flash memory offers industry-leading retention characteristics, with data retention guaranteed up to 20 years at 85 degress C. Devices include up to eight communication peripherals including USB and CAN, as well as a 4-channel DMA controller that significantly reduces CPU loading and a fast 10-bit ADC. Some members of the new family are specified over an extended temperature range of -40 degrees C to +105 degrees C.

The combination of integration, performance, low power, innovation and power rail flexibility makes the STR750F family very attractive as a general purpose microcontroller. In addition, the enhanced security features such as the backup clock make the new devices particularly suitable for alarm system control panels, motor control, data loggers, modem, printers/scanners, vending machines, and a wide range of other embedded applications.

The STR750F family is fully supported with standard and USB libraries available with low-level drivers for all the peripherals, and an evaluation board that is delivered with demos for USB, SMI, timers, and an ADC, a JTAG connector, a motor-control connector, and a power supply. Third party starter kits are also available from IAR, Raisonance, Hitex, and Keil. The kits contain a JTAG emulator, target board, and C compiler.

The devices, which are available in sample quantities today with volume production imminent, are available in TQFP64 /BGA64 and TQFP100/BGA100 packages. Prices (10K units) range from $3.6 for the STR755FR0T6 (64K Flash, 64-pin package) to $6.5 for the STR750FV2T6 (256K Flash, 100 pins, SB, CAN).

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