PrismTech OpenFusion RTOrb Middleware Simplifies Distributed Real-time Java

PrismTech, a leading provider of productivity tools and middleware, today announced the latest release of its OpenFusion(R) RTOrb Java(TM) Edition product. OpenFusion RTOrb Java(TM) Edition already brings the benefits of distributed real-time CORBA(R) middleware to the Java(TM) platform and this latest release makes it easier for existing Java(TM) applications to benefit from the enhanced predictability associated with real-time systems.

Many applications not traditionally considered as being real-time systems can never the less benefit from improved system predictability and resulting performance. However, in the past real-time programming has required specialist expertise and complex programming techniques. By adding real-time support to the Java(TM) platform (through the adoption of the Real-time Specification for Java(TM) – RTSJ), the world of real-time computing has been opened up to a much broader development community and spectrum of potential application use.

Unfortunately, RTSJ can bring a whole new set of complexities. In particular the extensions (new memory and threading models) added to the Java(TM) programming model to counter the un-predictabilities introduced into a system by automatic garbage collection are complex and difficult to use. These advanced RTSJ features are only ever needed for applications requiring “hard” real-time performance, and this is only ever a very small percentage of the total number of applications that are ever developed. Many more systems on the other hand can benefit from a “softer” form of real-time in order to improve overall system responsiveness.

Application domains where system responsiveness and predictability are important and where Java(TM) technology is already being used include, but are not limited to, large scale defense integration (combat management systems, command and control systems), telecommunications and networking, aerospace (in particular air traffic management systems), manufacturing (industrial controllers and robotics) and finance (online trading systems).

OpenFusion RTOrb Java(TM) Edition middleware has been designed to provide a unified COTS based solution for integrating diverse distributed systems, supporting both hard real-time systems and enterprise applications in a single ORB. With the latest release, the capabilities of the product have been extended significantly, including support for IBM’s J9 RTJVM with its sophisticated real-time garbage collection technology. Not only can OpenFusion RTOrb Java(TM) Edition now be used for either general purpose CORBA applications or for “hard” real-time systems using full RTSJ features (Scoped Memory and Immortal memory, NHRT etc.) and RT CORBA, the ORB now provides a “soft” real-time mode of operation. The new “soft” real-time capabilities allow mainstream CORBA applications written in the Java(TM) programming language to benefit from more predictable performance with little or no changes to the existing Java(TM) code. Soft real-time behavior is achieved by combining specific aspects of RTSJ and RT CORBA with real-time garbage collection. In most cases using the ORB in “soft” real-time mode is transparent to the application. This is a significant breakthrough in a distributed environment. Not only does a COTS based solution make the most cost effective sense when compared to either high maintenance in house or custom solutions, but it is also no longer necessary for programmers to divert significantly from standard Java(TM) functionality in order to satisfy the real-time requirements for many classes of application.

OpenFusion RTOrb Java(TM) Edition is based on a product core that has been tried and tested in demanding applications in both the military, telecommunication and commercial sectors, its architecture supports full CORBA operations. The architecture of OpenFusion RTOrb Java(TM) Edition is open, flexible and highly performant. The new v1.2 release of OpenFusion RTOrb Java(TM) Edition supports the following features:

  • CORBA 3.0 ORB
  • Support for RT CORBA v1.2
  • CORBA Object Services
  • RT JVM – IBM J9, Sun Java(TM) Real-Time System v1.0
  • JDK 1.4, 15
  • ORB interoperability including TAO and JacORB

“I believe that provision of a single language solution offers our customers clear business advantages. The Java(TM) language is certainly the best long term choice to support the widest spectrum of application domains and target environments,” said Andrew Foster, OpenFusion CORBA Middleware Product Manager, PrismTech. “With our latest release of OpenFusion RTOrb Java(TM) Edition we have made it far easier for the mainstream Java(TM) community to leverage the benefits of real-time system performance without having to deal with many of the complexities traditionally associated with developing real-time systems”.

Further information about OpenFusion RTOrb Java(TM) Edition is available from PrismTech’s website.

Comprehensive training classes for the OpenFusion RTOrb Java(TM) Edition and associated RTSJ technologies are available from PrismTech, for further information on the training classes available please e-mail.

About PrismTech
Founded in 1992, with offices in the USA and Europe, PrismTech is a privately held software products company. PrismTech serves international Fortune 500 customers in the telecommunications, data communications, defense and aerospace sectors. PrismTech is an acknowledged leader in software productivity tools and middleware, with solutions ranging from wide-scale integration to embedded real-time systems, supporting applications from operations support systems (OSS) through to software-defined radio (SDR).

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