MEN Micro D601 Single Board Computer Features Conduction Cooling

The D601 single board computer (SBC) from MEN Micro, Inc., a leading supplier of industrial real-time and embedded computer products, features Intel(R) Pentium(TM) M processors and conduction cooling for fanless operation in military, aerospace and various industrial control applications.

With either the 1.4 GHz Low Voltage (LV) Pentium M or the 1 GHz Ultra-Low Voltage (ULV) Celeron processors, the conduction cooled, 6U CompactPCI D601 is a low-power SBC capable of operating over the entire extended industrial temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Centigrade without the benefit of forced air cooling. Alternatively, the D601 can also be equipped with Intel processors with speeds up to 2 GHz. In addition, to enhance the SBC’s resistance to shock and vibration, there are no socketed components on the D601; all are soldered directly to the printed circuit board.

“While working with system integrators and government contractors over the years, we’ve seen a need for sophisticated computing platforms that operate over an extended temperature range but don’t require fans for cooling,” said Udo Fuchs, president of MEN Micro. “The robust design of the D601 and the low-power but high processing bandwidth of Intel’s embedded processors make this SBC a good match for all sorts of industrial applications, and especially airborne systems involving monitoring, visualization and control.”

The single-slot D601 has a 32-bit/33 MHz interface to the CompactPCI bus, but it can also function as a standalone processing unit in busless systems. The new SBC features Intel’s 915GM chipset which provides high-speed communication for Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and graphics. The chipset also supports two high-throughput Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) ports.

The D601′s standard input/output (I/O) on the rear panel includes VGA graphics which can display the same or different images on multiple monitors, two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces that utilize the board’s PCI Express lanes and three USB 2 ports. On-board memory is high-speed Double Data Rate 2 (DDR2) DRAM with access rates of up to two gigabits per second (Gbps). In addition to the two SATA interfaces, the D601 also has a parallel ATA port, which can be connected to robust IDE CompactFlash memory or a hard disk device for extensive application storage capacity. Several watchdog monitors are available for observing the performance of the D601′s processor, board temperature or other performance metrics.

The D601 has comprehensive board support packages for Windows, Linux, VxWorks and QNX.

Conduction Cooling – What is it?
Conduction cooling involves dissipating heat from electronic components by conducting it to the system’s housing. Typically, aluminum or copper “thermal pipes” connect the hot surfaces of the electronic components to the housing. The housing itself is then cooled by some sort of active thermal management method. In effect, the SBC’s active components are cooled without moving any air over the circuit board itself.

Pricing and Availability
The D601 is available now from MEN Micro, Inc. Pricing starts at $5,994 for single units. In the United States, MEN Micro products are sold through a national network of technical manufacturer’s representatives. For sales information, call 215-956-1583, send faxes to 215-956-1585 or email.

About MEN Micro, Inc.
MEN designs, manufactures and sells board-level industrial real-time and embedded computer products. The flexibility inherent in MEN’s standard products allows system platforms to be custom configured for a wide range of applications. In addition, the company develops custom boards and systems for OEMs, end users and system integrators. MEN’s products include Embedded System Modules (ESM), VMEbus and CompactPCI compute platforms with Intel Pentium and multi-core processors or Freescale PowerPC processors, and a wide selection of M-Module, PMC or PC·MIP mezzanine I/O modules. The MEN product lines support the most widely used operating systems, including Windows, VxWorks, OS-9, QNX and Linux.

MEN was founded in 1982 in Nürnberg, Germany, as MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH. Today the company has more than 150 employees with subsidiaries in France, MEN Mikro Elektronik SA; and the United States, MEN Micro, Inc. A network of technical distributors services and supports the rest of the world.

Intel is a registered trademark and Core is a trademark of Intel Corporation, Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. OS-9 is a trademark of RadiSys Corporation. VxWorks is a trademark of WindRiver Corporation.