LG Innotek Introduces Certified 1181 HD Radio Module Designs

LG Innotek, a licensed iBiquity Digital Corporation partner, announced today that it has released two HD Radio module designs for tabletop and home HD Radio receivers. Both the TMHA-H001T and TMHA-H501T module designs were certified as compliant with iBiquity Digital Corporation’s 1181 Reference Design. Each module can be configured to operate in either Master or Slave Mode settings. The following hardware and software configurations are available in mass production quantities to all HD Radio licensees:

Vertical-Mount Module
– TMHA-H501T (Master Mode)
– TMHA-H503T (Slave Mode)

Horizontal-Mount Module
– TMHA-H001T (Master Mode)
– TMHA-H003T (Slave Mode)

These designs will serve as the technical foundation for consumer HD Radio products. The modules from LG Innotek provide a fast-track solution for OEM Consumer Electronics manufacturers looking to integrate HD Radio technology into current and future AM and FM radio product lines in a relatively short time frame.

“LG Innotek brings an aggressive development schedule enabling multiple product categories, such as home, automotive and portable products for HD Radio broadcasting,” said Robert Struble, CEO of iBiquity Digital Corporation, the sole developer and licensor of HD Radio technology.

LG Innotek’s modules utilize existing HD Radio chipsets in a flexible, cost-optimized hardware design that is supported by standardized software drivers and simplified production testing equipment. LG Innotek plans to release a series of next generation HD Radio modules intended to simplify the task of adding basic HD Radio capabilities and new HD Radio data features to new and existing designs.

About iBiquity Digital Corporation
iBiquity Digital Corporation is the sole developer and licenser of the HD Radio(TM) system, which is powering the AM/FM digital radio revolution. This transformational technology allows AM and FM stations to broadcast digital signals in tandem with their analog signals, providing broadcasters with a platform to offer multiple programs streams on the same frequency (multicasting), crystal-clear, CD-quality sound, on-demand services such as real-time weather and traffic updates, and scrolling text and graphics content. Over 1,000 stations are on the air available to 90% of Americans, with more than 400 offering multicasting channels. iBiquity’s investors are global leaders in the technology, broadcasting, manufacturing, media and financial industries all supporting the development and rollout of HD Radio broadcasting: Broadcasters include ABC, Beasley, Bonneville, CBS Radio, Citadel, Clear Channel, Cox Radio, Cumulus, Emmis, Entercom, Gannett, Radio One, Regent, Saga, Susquehanna and Univision. Leading Manufacturers include Ford Motor Company, Harris Corporation, Texas Instruments and Visteon Corporation. Leading financial institutions include Grotech Capital Group, J.P. Morgan Partners, New Venture Partners and Pequot Capital.

About LG Innotek
LG Innotek has carefully fostered its businesses in analogue and digital tuners, motors for optical disk drives, and modulators to dominate the world’s markets. Moreover, we are now intensively nurturing small LCD modules, LEDs, camera modules, and vibration motors to further propel our growth. Furthermore, we vow to aggressively push the success of core components in the fields of mobile communications, display, information-based digital home appliances, and networking.