RTLinuxPro 2.2 Development Kit for Freescale's MCF5485 ColdFire MCU

SDC Systems has announced today the release of FSM Labs’ RTLinuxPro 2.2 development kit for Freescale’s MCF5485 ColdFire microcontroller family. RTLinux for ColdFire controllers provides a low-power, highly integrated, hard real-time enterprise-level embedded platform. Even at a power-frugal 200MHz clock speed with a 100MHz bus, the MFC5485 is designed with sufficiently fast real-time capability for demanding SCADA, instrumentation and non-traditional control applications. SDC Systems provide an optional Eclipse based integrated development environment (IDE) for ColdFire with the development kit.

“RTLinux allows real-time developers to conserve power and minimize bill of material costs without needing to go back to a primitive bare-bones software environment,” said Principal Architect Michael Barabanov. “The performance is outstanding for a 200MHz controller.”

FSMLabs’ patented hard real-time virtualization technology decouples the POSIX RTCore real-time kernel from an embedded Linux or BSD client operating system and is completely preemptible by time-critical code. Control system developers working with the ColdFire architecture and RTLinux will be able to control motors, acquire data and move packets in real-time, while also taking advantage of the enterprise software platform provided by the Linux OS.

“The combination of ColdFire controllers and RTLinux provides an embedded enterprise platform that helps control system developers leverage existing middleware and utilities and focus on their applications instead of low-level OS issues,” said Renee Mitchell, operations manager for Freescale’s Consumer and Industrial Microcontroller Operation.

The Linux system provides a complete, fully functional, enterprise-class platform operating system with a complete set of development tools, sophisticated networking and storage, and comprehensive security, all running under the modular POSIX API hard-real-time RTCore. FSMLabs ColdFire development kit also includes real-time digital I/O (DIO) and Canbus drivers. The RTLinux DIO driver can easily drive a 25KHz square wave!

Real-time performance 200Mhz MCF5485

  • Worst case interrupt latency 44: microseconds
  • Worst case Scheduling jitter (worst case interrupt latency plus context switch plus scheduling overhead): 90 microseconds
  • Worst case context switch 56 microseconds

FSMLabs Embedded Enterprise initiative aims at exploiting the productive synergy between state of the art POSIX real-time in FSMLabs RTCore and the sophisticated capabilities and rich base of drivers, middleware and applications available on the Linux and BSD clients.

RTLinuxPro 2.2 for ColdFire controllers is available immediately.

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