Mentor Graphics Nucleus IPv6 Software Receives TTA's IPv6 Certification

Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT) today announced that, through its collaboration with customer LG-Nortel, the Nucleus(R) IPv6 software has been certified by the Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA), a Korean organization that develops new standards and provides testing and certification for information technology (IT) products. Now, developers can feel confident that the networking applications they build using the Nucleus IPv6 software are stable, reliable and can fully communicate with other Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)-compatible devices, worldwide.

Certification of the Nucleus IPv6 software is a hard requirement by the TTA and essential for LG-Nortel’s successful product deployment. The recently obtained TTA certification is in addition to the “IPv6 Ready” certification that Nucleus IPv6 was previously awarded.

“TTA’s IPv6 certification shows LG-Nortel’s cutting-edge technology and R&D capability as a global leader. “We are confident that this collaboration will meet customers’ needs and lead to the success of IP telephony platform,” said Mr. Sung Tae Park, Head of Business Comm. & Solution Department, LG-Nortel. “And we will continuously make efforts to maximize the performance for IP telephony to offer greater benefits to our customers.”

When moving to a significant protocol such as IPv6, developers insist on a certified and interoperable implementation. IPv6 is a network layer protocol that allows messages to be routed among networked computers and devices. It replaces IPv4, which is at the heart of today’s Internet and is a critical component in maintaining full operation of the network. Developers are wary of which IPv6 implementation they use, as a wrong choice could render a useless device once deployed in the market, resulting in a significant loss of time and money.

TTA in Korea is just one of the many certification agencies conducting certification tests on IPv6 software to determine the “readiness” of a vendor’s solution. Any device manufacturer that wants to create a telecom application must pass this certification test in order to attach their telecom equipment to TTA’s certification logo in Korea. The Nucleus IPv6 software adheres to the strictest standards and specifications of the TTA.

“The Nucleus IPv6 software is the ideal solution for embedded developers who insist on using standards-compliant, rock solid, next-generation networking solutions,” said Glen Johnson, product marketing manager, embedded systems division, Mentor Graphics. “Working together with LG-Nortel to gain certification for both our software, as well as for their products, will prove to be a long-term benefit for both companies.”

Pricing and Availability
The Nucleus embedded software is sold with source code and without royalty fees. Available now and sold as an add-on product to the Nucleus NET protocol stack, licenses for the Nucleus IPv6 software begin at $11,495. For more information, please contact Mentor Graphics embedded systems division at 800-468-6853 or

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