Ikivo Powers Over 100 Million Mobile SVG Handsets

Ikivo AB, the leading provider of SVG software solutions for mobile devices, announce today that their Mobile SVG Player clients have been shipped in more than 100 Million handsets worldwide and estimate that more than 150 million handsets with Mobile SVG Tiny clients have been shipped globally.

“These latest figures are extremely positive” says Stefan Elmstedt, CEO at Ikivo. “It shows the market preference for true open multi vendor solutions. Unlike other proprietary 2D graphics technologies such as Flash Lite, SVG Tiny is built by and for the Mobile Industry and what we are now experiencing is the markets commercial endorsement of SVG as a core technology.”

Daniel Appelquist, Senior Technology Strategist at Vodafone said**, “Vodafone welcomes the advancement of SVG Tiny 1.2 to Candidate Recommendation status. We see this open standard for rich presentation and interactivity as a key enabler for dynamic user experience across a range of devices. Vodafone has been an early supporter of SVG as a platform for rich applications on handsets and other mobile terminals and applauds the work of the SVG Working Group in developing this new version of SVG Tiny.”

Ikivo has been instrumental in developing the SVG Tiny 1.2 specification in its role as author and editor of the specification. This has enabled Ikivo to release a new version of its flagship product, the Ikivo Multimedia SVG Player that fully supports the new specification and more.

Ikivo’s Mobile SVG products enable developers and Mobile Operators to build rich MultiMedia applications utilizing the full strength of Mobile SVG. In combination with commercially available content design and development tools, such as Ikivo Animator, Java Netbeans and Adobe Creative Suite 2, Mobile SVG offers the most capable and fastest growing 2D graphical technology for the mobile world.

Editors notes:
* More than 2.3 times the number of Flash unit shipments as of 06 Apr 2006 (Source: Adobe)
** Source: W3C

About Ikivo AB
Ikivo AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is the leading developer of software solutions for mobile SVG. These solutions address the needs of mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators and content creators, empowering them to create and enable rich, compelling media services for mass-market mobile phones. Core products include the Ikivo SVG Player, an open standard, compliant technology that allows phone manufacturers to enable their devices for mobile SVG, and Ikivo Animator, a professional content creation tool that integrates into any design workflow to animate static SVG content for mobile phones. Ikivo is an active participant in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), instrumental in driving industry standards and shaping the future of mobile graphics.