Evalue Introduces AMD 0.9W Single Board Computers (SBC)

Evalue announced five AMD-based solutions featuring high reliability and energy efficiency with onboard 0.9W low-power processors, AMD LX800 clocked at 500 MHz and AMD GX466 at 333 MHz today. These boards are designed in various form factors each of which has a total board area of less than 300cm2 (square centimeter). They allow longer battery life and enable small footprint system designs with passive cooling. Moreover, these single board computers provide full multimedia, networking and rich I/O connectivity options, and present one of the best choices for embedded system products such as interactive KIOSK, gaming, POS, thin client, automation, digital control, digital signage and so on.

Evalue AMD 0.9W Single Board Computers (SBC)

Product details:

ESM-2545 is an ETX CPU module equipped with AMD LX800 onboard processor. The board measuring at 114mm x 95mm offers the fastest time-to-market solution for OEM customers. It works as an embedded plug-on module and can be placed on any ETX baseboard tailored to the customer’s specifications. Evalue offers ODM ETX baseboard design service that delivers first samples within 30 working days. Contact us to learn more about Evalue’s Baseboard Prototyping Service (BPS) which is ideal for time-critical applications.

EPI-LX800 provides another AMD LX800 SBC choice in EPIC form factor. The EPI-800 is particularly suitable for KIOSK and other interactive applications offering low power consumption, onboard resistive touch screen controller, four USB ports and DC to DC converter for single +12V power input.

ECM-3512 is a 3.5-inch SBC equipped with AMD Geode GX2 GX466 processor clocked at 333MHz. It provides a versatile system platform that integrates TFT, LVDS, Audio, LAN, PCI-104 expansion, CF slot, 4 USB and 16-bit GPIO functionality in a small footprint. Evalue has designed a fanless barebone system with model name EES-3512 that incorporates this board.

ECM-5510 presents another AMD GX466 solution in 5.25-in SBC form factor, measuring at 203mm x 146mm. This board has all of the features of ECM-3512 in addition to onboard 128 MB DDR SDRAM, 4 COM ports, PCI and DOC (disk on chip) slots.

EMB-9655 is a Mini-ITX solution with onboard AMD Geode LX800 CPU. The AMD Geode LX 800@0.9W processor consumes a maximum power of 3.9W (TDP) and 1.8W typical at 500 MHz. Incorporating built-in touch-screen interface, DC-DC single 19V power module, and dual 10/100 Ethernet interfaces, the EMB-9655 is ideal for networked systems such as KIOSK, gaming, medical, digital signage and others.

About Evalue
Evalue has positioned itself as an innovative solution provider since its establishment in 2000. The company has successfully expanded its expertise from x 86 platforms into RISC-based hardware and software solutions. Backed up with an R&D team of seasoned engineers, Evalue provides a wide selection of products ranging from board level to system level products covering RISC computers, x86 based single board computers, ETX, motherboards, InnoFlex Panel PCs, Box computers and more.

Evalue is a member of the Intel(R) Communications Alliance (ICA), a community of developers and solution providers utilizing Intel technology in their product development and deployment. Members are committed to providing a strategic supply of standards-based solutions to the communications and embedded market segments.