AMREL Debuts First Dual Channel Switch Mode Power Supply under 600W

AMREL/AMERICAN RELIANCE, INC. introduces the industries FIRST Dual Channel Switch Mode Power Supply (SPD) under 600W. Until now, standard switch mode supplies usually range from above 600W or below 200W. As the newest member of AMREL’s Power line of programmable power supplies, the SPD’s innovative design fills in the power gap, with power levels from 300 ~ 360W. Conveniently packaged in a standard 19″ 1U high box, the SPD offers voltages ranging from 8Vdc up to 300Vdc.

SPD Specification
The SPD emphasizes user-friendliness with front panel keypad and encoder control, voltage tracking function, and a VFD display providing key information for each channel. Models without a front panel keypad and encoder are available as the perfect solution for burn-in and ATE system applications.

AMREL’s Power SPD models offer a wide array of embedded interface capabilities; GPIB & RS-232 (Standard), and USB & Ethernet (optional). RS-485 (optional) with internal load sharing is available for synchronized parallel operation, allowing for simple system and power expansion. Network system configurations are available in two formats; the Ethernet Star Configuration through an MCU-2 Controller or a RS-485 Daisy Chain Configuration utilizing a MC-2 Controller.

With programming accuracy of 0.1% of max rating, voltage read back accuracy of 0.2% of Vmax and current read back accuracy of 0.3% of Imax, the SPD has excellent accuracy specifications, matching its linear power supply counterpart. Select SPD models utilize a 16-bit design, bringing resolution down to the micro-volt and micro-amp range for different voltage and current combinations. PARD performance is enhanced with Vrms as low as 1mV and Vpk-pk at 15mV to satisfy noise-sensitive applications.

The SPD’s “near linear” specifications including simple system/power expansion, embedded GPIB, RS-232, Ethernet and USB Interfaces, and unique power/voltage/current ratings, make it the smart choice for your next power supply requirement.

Designed with customization in mind, a diverse range of voltage and current ratings can be achieved with the SPD. Whether it’s a bench-top application or expandable system-level ATE test system, AMREL’s SPD provides innovative and unlimited solutions for maximum Return on Investment.

In addition to offering one of the widest selections of programmable power supplies and electronic loads on the market, AMREL also specializes in customizations and modifications. Please contact AMREL for your next project requirement.

Autotestcon attendees are invited to visit Booth 207 for an up close look at AMREL’s new SPD.