Squire's Media Gateway Controller Supports Lucent MAX TNT

Squire Technologies, the specialist provider of carrier-class signalling, SS7 and VoIP products and services, has today confirmed that its customer Eltopia, an ISP based in the USA, is using Squire’s SVI_MGC Media Gateway Controller to add SS7 functionality to Lucent Technologies’ MAX TNT Universal Gateway. With Squire’s proven MGC solution now in place, the company has successfully provided full interoperability with Eltopia’s incumbent system, which has in turn provided Eltopia with the dial-up and VoIP services that have enabled it to become a telecoms service provider.

“Even though Eltopia uses a number of different carriers (including Verisign, Verizon, Centurytel, Quest and Embarq), Squire’s Media Gateway Controller is able to provide us with full interconnect across all of them,” says Will McHugh , CEO of Eltopia. “Now that we have SS7 Interconnect, our customers have had nothing but praise for the new TNTs, as their dial-up speeds have improved and the error rates that we were having have dropped substantially.”

Although Lucent’s MAX TNT Universal Gateway provides the TDM to VoIP media conversion, Squire’s Gateway Controller provides all of the call control protocol termination, thereby controlling the media path setup via MGCP or MEGACO media gateway control protocols. With the added advantage of having an optional onboard SS7 signalling gateway module, the SVI-MGC opens up the PSTN network to all MGCP/MEGACO enabled media gateways.

“Previously, the most popular option for SS7 connectivity was to purchase a high-end Softswitch that provides a series of complex functions that go above and beyond SS7 connectivity – whether the customer actually needs this added functionality or not,” says Andrew Cooper, Managing Director, Squire Technologies. “We believe that there are many companies out there who would be very interested to know that our Gateway Controller can provide this very same SS7 connectivity, as well as reliable, full-interoperability with products that now include Lucent’s MAX TNT Universal Gateway.”

The SVI-MGC supports and inter-works directly between SS7, SIP and H.323. CAS, R2 and Analogue inter-works with SS7, SIP and H.323 via MGCP providing seamless interconnect of disparate networks running different types and versions of VoIP and PSTN protocols. The SVI-MGC has full RADIUS support allowing for integration with third party RADIUS servers for AAA services allowing for easy integration into existing or preferred billing platforms.

Squire’s SVI-MGC can be used to control a number of third-party media gateways, including those manufactured by Cisco, Audiocodes, Nuera and Lucent Technologies. Squire’s SVI-MGC not only provides SS7 capabilities, but also controls routing for all protocols on the media gateway including ISDN, R2 and CAS, thus allowing for comprehensive PSTN breakout to VoIP networks. Squire’s SVI_MGC Media Gateway Controller can even be applied to incumbent networks, with added interoperability provided over MEGACO/H.248.

About Squire Technologies
Established in 2001, Squire Technologies Ltd has experienced rapid year-on-year growth by providing carrier-grade telecoms products and services to the telecommunication industry worldwide, with deployments in more than 40 countries. First launching as an SS7 consultancy that built custom products from best of breed hardware, Squire Technologies quickly began to use this expertise to build and deliver carrier grade SS7-based signaling products. This shift in focus evolved, and today Squire Technologies provides a wide range of SS7 products – protocol converters, gateways and an extensive range of VoIP products including Gateways, Media Gateway Controller, and SoftSwitches.