SIDSA Launches Highmove for High Speed DVB-H Mobile TV Reception

SIDSA has just taken a new step forward in the development of the DVB-H mobile TV business by launching its HighMove technology that places the Spanish company in the forefront of DVB-H reception.

SIDSA, the international provider of Digital TV, IPTV, Mobile TV and broadband solutions, products and services, is breaking all DVB-H reception records. The company is launching Highmove, a state-of-the-art technology for DVB-H demodulation that opens the door to real multiband (including L-Band) and high speed reception.

This new development is a milestone in the recent DVB-H history and turns SIDSA into a world leader in the Industry by being the first company in the market which has been successful in reaching Doppler performances above 200 Hz without a penalty in the chip cost (increase of area).

HighMove technology allows both static and high speed DVB-H reception (ideal for example in Mobile TV reception in highways or high speed trains). It is also perfect to build cost-effective L-Band networks (as those planned in The USA).

SIDSA is makerting the Intellectual Property of HighMove but it will also be available in SIDSA’s new Loren TV chipset targeted at consumer market of Portable Media Players and plug & play Mobile TV devices.

SIDSA (Semiconductores Investigación y Diseño SA) is an international Provider of Global Solutions, Products and Services in the fields of Digital TV, IP TV, Mobile TV, Conditional Access systems and Broadband. It offers a wide range of multimedia products: from its own System on Chip (SoC) integrated circuits to global and vertical integrated solutions to its customers, allowing them to get the best of it and generating new profitable business models. Created in 1992, initially as a Design House of Semiconductor components and ASICs (Custom integrated circuits), SIDSA has become a highly reputed international provider with a design centre in Tres Cantos (Madrid) and offices in The Silicon Valley, California.