MathStar Rolls Out Arrix Field Programmable Object Arrays (FPOAs)

MathStar, Inc. (Nasdaq: MATH), the FPOA leader, today announces the Arrix Family of Field Programmable Object Arrays (FPOAs). The Arrix Family is MathStar’s second generation of the high-performance, re-programmable FPOA and operates at speeds up to 1-gigahertz. The Arrix Family of Products is ideally suited for performance-demanding applications in industries such as machine vision, professional video, medical imaging and military/aerospace.

The Arrix Family of Products supports 400 independent, configurable objects linked via a programmable 1-gigahertz interconnect fabric. In addition, the Arrix Family is available with two and a half times the internal memory and twice the high-speed I/O bandwidth of previous generations of the FPOA. The Arrix Family of Products also supports industrial temperature ranges and is available in both standard eutectic and RoHS-compliant packaging.

The 1-gigahertz operating frequency of the FPOA is up to four times faster than today’s top FPGA architectures, depending on the application.

“The Arrix Family of FPOAs represents the best-in-class of high-performance, re-programmable logic,” said Doug Pihl, MathStar CEO. “The Arrix Family is a lot more than just a family of chips. It is also supported by FPOA design software, a PCI form-factor customer development board, and a variety of intellectual property (IP) cores.”

The Arrix Family of FPOAs is supported by IP partners in the professional video market including industry leader Barco Silex.

“Barco Silex is pleased to partner with MathStar,” said Frederic Devisch, Barco Silex sales and marketing manager. “The combination of Barco Silex’s video IP expertise and MathStar’s high-performance FPOA architecture provides a great solution for professional video customers.”

Cadre Codesign, a leading IP developer in the machine vision market, also supports the Arrix Family of FPOAs.

“MathStar and Cadre Codesign have worked together to develop a very high- performance JPEG2000 IP core for the FPOA,” said Pierre Popovic, president and CEO of Cadre Codesign. “MathStar’s new high-performance Family of FPOA devices allows us to deliver exciting new applications to the machine vision market.”

The Arrix Family of FPOAs will be available directly from MathStar in various speed grades. The 1-gigahertz MOA2400D-10 device is priced at $285 in 1 Ku quantities. Slower speed grades have commensurately lower pricing. For pricing and delivery options, please contact MathStar.

About MathStar, Inc.
MathStar is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, manufactures and markets a new class of programmable logic chips called Field Programmable Object Arrays(TM) (FPOAs). FPOAs are high-performance, reprogrammable integrated circuits based on proprietary Silicon Object(TM) technology. MathStar’s reprogrammable FPOA can process logic functions at a clock rate up to 1-gigahertz, much faster than current commercially available programmable logic devices. MathStar’s flagship product, the MOA1400D FPOA, represents a powerful solution that is ideal for digital signal processing and filtering applications in the machine vision, video processing, medical imaging and military/aerospace markets. FPOAs are available now and supported by a wide range of development tools, libraries, application notes and technical documentation.