Encirq Upgrades DeviceSQL for Device Data Management

Encirq Corporation, the global leader in device data management, today announced a major upgrade to DeviceSQL, marking the third generation of the company’s software framework for implementing high performance data management capabilities to increase the intelligence, performance and usability of devices. As the emerging standard for device data management, DeviceSQL provides new capabilities and enhancements that enable customers to employ common data management technology across their product lines, from low-end to high-end devices, regardless of chosen target CPU or operating system platform.

DeviceSQL provides an unprecedented level of flexibility and control while also significantly improving runtime performance and optimizing the use of system resources such as CPU cycles, RAM, storage, power and bandwidth. Powerful new features give DeviceSQL unmatched versatility, enabling customers to create high performance data management components and solutions that can be built once and then easily deployed and extended for each device across their entire product line. DeviceSQL now includes support for:

  • Four integrated data management methods (dynamic streams, in-memory, memory-mapped and device-direct) that can be intermixed within a single application or shared across a device.
  • Virtually unlimited diversity of storage devices and methods ­ data managed, captured, partitioned and persisted for any device from RAM to ROM, SDFlash to HD cache, broadcast streams to podcast schemas, RFID to sensor stream feeds. Furthermore, DeviceSQL can now store, process and stream significantly more data within available memory and communications bandwidth.
  • “Instant-On” data ­ with high-speed data access methods tuned for persistence and data/metadata integrity, providing even faster, more reliable device booting after conventional power on/off cycles as well as unexpected power loss.
  • New optional APIs for multi-language, programmatic access to managed data through either direct C function calls or through dynamic runtime interpretation of DeviceSQL, further expanding upon the DeviceSQL compiled in-line execution model.
  • DeviceSQL Builder ­ a new tool that enables developers to quickly and graphically design, generate and validate data management components and solutions without the need for traditional programming methods. DeviceSQL Builder automates the generation of DeviceSQL code, sample application code, test cases and documentation, saving months of development time.

DeviceSQL provides the fastest performance and smallest footprint for device data management. Internal benchmarks show software built with DeviceSQL to run 15 to 50 times faster than alternative data management technologies while consuming just a fraction of the memory. Plus, the unique stream processing capabilities and efficient storage methods of DeviceSQL enable significantly more data to be stored, processed and transferred using minimal systems resources, which can result in lower hardware bill of materials costs and extended battery life in portable devices. Unlike many open source data management technologies, DeviceSQL is commercial grade, higher performing and has already enabled the creation of production-ready applications deployed inside award-winning mobile phones, set-top boxes, in-vehicle infotainment systems and netcom equipment.

“In today’s complex devices such as mobile phones, portable/in-dash media centers and set-top boxes, efficient content integration and data management are essential to providing a compelling user experience while minimizing hardware costs,” said Theresa Lanowitz, founder of voke, Inc. “Traditional approaches to data management involve painstaking custom coding and rarely leverage the proven benefits of relational and stream data models and data-centric design. With the increasing explosion of content and metadata, it is critical for device manufacturers to employ data in innovative ways to create more intelligent, user-friendly, feature-rich devices.”

“Device data management is not just about the efficient storage and retrieval of data, it is about the use of data in real time,” said Mark Vogel, co-founder and CEO of Encirq. “DeviceSQL was built from the ground up with one goal ‹ to enable devices to efficiently leverage data created by the device, flowing through the device and accessible by the device to increase its independent intelligence, capabilities and usability for users. Now, DeviceSQL is even better because it allows our customers to solve tough data management problems once and easily deploy these capabilities across entire classes of products.”

Encirq is demonstrating DeviceSQL in the Disruption Zone at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston, on September 26-27, 2006 in Booth #1137B.

DeviceSQL Release 3.0 will be available worldwide in October.

About Encirq(R) DeviceSQL
Encirq DeviceSQL is a next-generation software framework for device data management. It consists of the DeviceSQL programming language, development and prototyping tools, starter applications and performance-tuned service libraries to provide an ultra-efficient, ultra-flexible runtime environment for virtually any target operating system and CPU. DeviceSQL enables customers to accelerate the creation of applications that increase device intelligence, usability and performance through more efficient and innovative uses of available data. DeviceSQL works together with most popular development environments and integrates easily with existing device software applications through user-defined interfaces.

About Encirq
Encirq Corporation is the global leader in device data management software and the creator of DeviceSQL. Encirq enables companies in the wireless, consumer electronics and in-vehicle infotainment markets to employ and integrate device data to increase their products’ independent intelligence and usability. DeviceSQL accelerates the delivery of new device functionality, improved services, innovative business models and compelling user experiences all while improving performance, optimizing system resources and reducing costs. Established in 1998 Encirq partners with companies around the globe to transform their businesses and industries. Encirq is headquartered in Silicon Valley with regional offices in Japan and Korea.