WinSystems Debuts 4GB and 8GB RoHS-Compatible CompactFlash Cards

WinSystems today introduced its 4GB and 8GB RoHS-compatible CompactFlash (CF) cards. These are the largest densities currently available that operate from -40° to +85° Centigrade. They are designed to work with single board computers (SBCs), instruments, cameras or computer systems with a CompactFlash socket for solid state program and data storage. WinSystems’ CompactFlash memory cards incorporate on-board error detection and correction algorithms which are coupled with dynamic wear leveling techniques to deliver more than two million program/erase cycles for most applications.

WinSystems 4GB and 8GB RoHS-Compatible CompactFlash Cards

WinSystems’ CF cards are targeted for applications that need industrial-grade reliability, industry-standard compatibility, and IDE hard disk drive emulation for program and data storage. Since they are True IDE Mode and ATA-3 compliant, they are compatible with different operating systems such as Linux, Windows(R) CE and Windows(R) XP Embedded, ROM-DOS, and others without requiring a special software driver.

Delivery is from stock to 3 weeks. List price of the CFLASH-G-8G-I, an 8GB industrial temperature RoHS unit, is $479, the 4GB device is $389. Readers are encouraged to contact WinSystems’ Application Engineering Group at 715 Stadium Drive, Arlington, Texas 76011, (817) 274-7553, e-mail and Website.